Life on Random


Time for this week’s Random Tuesday Thoughts… thoughts… thoughts… thoughts.

This morning I happened to be in Pumpkin’s bathroom right about the time of the sunrise. And from her bathroom window ~it’s an inordinately large octagon shaped~ I watched the light slowly change in the sky. And I thought about life & death & the birds chirping outside & the clouds floating by in a virtual stream. Sadly, I was unable to stay to watch the full sunrise but what I saw was wonderful and soul filling.

Then the gremlins started arguing & suddenly my soul filling moment was gone. Replaced with screeching.

Speaking of the gremlins, after karate last night Honey bunny waited to change out of her Gi until we got home and then proceeded to change right in the kitchen. Pumpkin looked at her and said, “Seriously?”  – Yes, that would be my 4 YO, parroting Me. My, my, my do they listening to the things we say.

I have roughly 1,170 items to read in my reader. I’m pretty sure I just had this down to 960 a day ago. All you people are prolific!!

The husband & I are traveling to Las Vegas ~yes, again, thank you very much~ and I have laundry to do before I can even begin to think about what I’m going to pack.

Right this minute I have 16 tabs open in two browser windows plus 5 open active programs. Awwww yeeaaahhh, I’m multi-tasking yo. And just to prove what a hard worker I am… read this! I’m the first one listed, beyotches.

Well, that’s it for this Tuesday. Short but sweet.
Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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