Friday Faves – Combing the internetz for stuff to share


Wow, I’ve managed to do this three weeks now. I’m so amazed with myself, thank you very much. Hey! Did you see the light bulb just go on above my head? I think I just had an idea. Maybe, just maybe, if you like what I’m doing here, you want to participate??! So I used my Mad Photoshop Skillz (the husband is gonna laugh when he sees this! He’s a bit of a photoshop WIZARD and I am very clearly not) to create a logo & I’ve learned how to use a Mister Linky (see the bottom of this post!!) so that if you want to do a Friday Fave you can link your post here! Huh huh huh?! What do you think? Cool? Might be fun, no?

Well, moving on with the things I found for you….

As usual, I’m impressed with Tyler at Building Camelot and his ambitions. First, he did a list of 100 Things he loves about his wife and now this. From his post:

The Builders page is an aggressive project to collect and centralize the rapid growth of blogs and sites aimed mostly at men.

Although woman are included as well!! Like myself! And you could be to… so go NOW and fill out the info. While you’re there, check out the current list. You might find some new peeps to add to your reader of choice.

But I’m so good at bribing & threatening my children, what do you mean it doesn’t work well? Perhaps I could look into a few other options for “raising” my gremlins.

Have a look at these out of the norm college degrees that you really can get degrees in while attending college. For reals.

I came across the photo below via Kirtsy. Have a look at this guys’s photostream, amazing. BTW, thanks for the image use!


Surprisingly, after looking at this I did feel less negative… hmmmmm, power of suggestion? Or is it really the color & pattern on this cute mug? Thanks @momfluential for tweeting this link to Popshopology.

I think I might like to try one of these drinks in the near future. I love how twitter is changing the face of EVERYTHING!!

Here is a photo that my sister took that make me bust out laughing and immediately start singing the “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me” song. Her & the boyfriend made it after visiting a party supply store.

How interesting is this? 10 Myths about fast food. Did you believe any of these myths? I don’t think I had even heard of some of them.

And finally for those of you that are concerned about ZOMBIES!!!! Aaaaaaah! Here are SCIENTIFIC reasons why it might actually be possible for us to turn into ZOMBIES!!!! Aaaaaaah! Thanks to The Un Mom for the ZOMBIES!!!! Aaaaaaah! post. Heehee.

LOOK! Look! Look! I got a Mister Linky! So, do a Friday Faves post & link it here, PLEASE. Come on, play along. It’ll be fun. You know it will. And be sure to check back next week for another installment.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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