Really Random


Is it Tuesday already? I wouldn’t know since I completely forgot what day it is and didn’t remember to pick up Honey bunny from school. Yeah, I forgot to get my child from school. {raises hands in the air} I win! I win! I win! For Mother of the Year! Thankfully I realized I had forgotten to get her only 30 minutes after class was dismissed. I called the office, as I raced to the school, and she was sitting in there patiently reading her book & waiting for her brain-scrambled mom.

This has been sitting in my Bloglines for a couple weeks. Isn’t this puppy adorable!!?!

I want to do this so so so so so bad. But I waited until the last second to start training. Therefore I’m not at all certain I’ll be physically prepared. I need to get out this weekend & do some running. We’ll see.

Our tiny little town has been suffering from A**holes or one particular A**hole who has decided to attack woman in the grocery store parking lot. Three attacks in as many weeks. Now, the husband won’t let me go to the grocery store or Target or anywhere else without him. And while I appreciate his concern – it puts a big damper on finishing my errands.

Pumpkin started karate today! She was the tiniest one out there. At just 4 years old she is also the youngest. I was hesitant about starting her this early but she reeeaaaalllllyyy wants to be like big sister and participate in karate.

On Saturday I was at a girlfriend’s baby shower and after removing my rings to wash my hands, my wedding ring slipped out of my fingers and went RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN. Yes! Yes it did! Apparently my guardian angel ~or someone like it~ was looking out for me cause when I looked into the drain my ring was sitting crosswise on a small metal bar. Well, after freaking out for a minute I went to find my friend’s sister to help me get my ring outta there. Luckily she was able to get it right out after we untwisted a wire hanger to make a fish hook. Phew.

Almost every single weekend from now till the end of summer is booked solid. No, I’m not kidding. Booked solid. And in some cases triple-booked. One weekend in June there are three major things we’ve been invited to. All on the same bloody weekend. How are we supposed to decide WTF to do? Prioritize by level of importance? Years known? Distance from us? Flip a coin? Huh? Huh? Hell if I know.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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