Friday Faves – Showing you more stuff that you don’t have time to look at

Yes, folks, it’s official I’ve managed to do two Friday Faves posts! Woot! I’m on a roll now. Of two. Heh. Well, whatever. For your viewing enjoyment and pleasure, see the following faves for this week. Wanna take odds on whether or not I’ll do this next Friday?

Is this not a laugh riot?!! UFC for cats! Now with Chuck Norris references! Can’t you just hear the kihaps?

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Right on! {shaking fist into the air} Is what I have to say about this post on Mama Pop by Her Bad Mother. I mean really, come on. Go, read it, then you’ll understand.

Do you have a Posterous account? Well if not, then you’ll be short changing yourself & missing out on see this brilliant artist at work. You can subscribe to individual people’s posts and get daily emails with their latest.

Speaking of “artists” check out this AWESOMENESS from Cake Wrecks. I’m adding these peeps to my Bloglines right now because I don’t want to miss another installment of hilarity! In the form of cake. Cause who doesn’t love cake?!

You may have already seen something like this before. But it deserves repeating. Cutting down the portion size for each meal I eat has been the number ONE change I have made during the last three years. And it has made a significant difference in my waistline. Well, that plus exercise. 😉

Aha! And this explains why my Pumpkin had difficulty following directions!

Finally, this picture that made me spit out the water I was drinking all over my desk:

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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