Random Tandem


I don’t know what the hell the title means, either. I just felt like rhyming I guess. Because tandem by definition means: one following or behind the other and that doesn’t have anything to do with this post. So moving on now…

My “baby” turned 4 yrs old yesterday and I was all set to write a post about it but this is as far as I got:

I’ve been thinking about my little Pumpkin turning 4 years old today. It amazes me that so many years are gone, *snap* just like that. My once tiny little jaundice Pumpkin ~hence the nickname~ is now a petite little girl. With a very big attitude. How big? Hmmmm, lets just say as big as the Montana sky. Yeah it’s that big.

I’m getting pathetically nostalgic these days and this post will be no exception. It literally seems like yesterday that she was born. THANK GOD that isn’t the case but it really feels like so little time has passed although obviously much time has gone by. We were living in a different house at the time. And really so much was different. I had a 5 year old who was half way through Kindergarten, two dogs always under foot, a MUCH smaller house payment, and a lovely swimming pool.

I couldn’t get any further than that. Probably cause I got way off base & couldn’t figure a way back to my topic what with all the work I had to do, prepping items for the CPA, taking Honey bunny to karate, life, so on and so forth.

Speaking of the CPA, I got the last of our tax papers sent out to him today. *huge sigh* Now I just get to deal with the 50,000 questions that will be thrown at me. Oh, btw, we’ve already filed an extension for the business taxes & no doubt one will be filed for our personal stuff when April 15th rolls around and this shit is no where near done. Watch, now that I’ve said that, this will be the one year they finish by the deadline. Bwhahahahahahahaha. But in all fairness I did wait until March 24th to mail the info to them. So really it’s all my fault.

Only 38 pages left in this month’s book club book and if you missed last week’s RTT then here is the link to that post where I mention the book with helpful link to amazon for product description (and I think I need to talk with someone about gettin’ some $$$ for all the linking I do to them). I have really enjoyed this book & CAN’T wait to discuss it with the ladies.

It’s my turn to pick for next month’s book club choice & I’ve picked The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie.

It’s 10:03pm right now and I think I’m going to wrap this RTT up so that I can get to sleep at a moderately decent hour. Must get up in the AM and exercise, damn it. I’m already thinking about hitting the snooze button.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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