Tell Me Thursday – 3rd Edition

Well, here we are again… or at least I’m here again & I hope you’re here again *ahem* for another edition of Tell Me Thursday! This Wordless Wednesday photo of daffodils was taken by me, and my handy dandy iPhone, right out in front of our house. I happened to stop to get the mail maybe a week ago (now, this is not to say that I only get the mail once a week – just that on this particular occasion it happened to be a week ago that I was getting the mail. Heh. anyway) and these lovelies had recently popped up.

I love that they return annually ~as every annual plant or flower does, duh~ but what I love the most is that they were planted by the previous owners! Now I get the enjoyment without ever having had to plant the bulbs in the first place! SCORE!

You see, I’m an extremely lazy gardener. I prefer all my plants to be annuals or perennials then I don’t have to deal with them like ever. Or almost ever. Cyclamen is another favorite of mine. And again another example of a flower that can return annually with little or no involvement from me.

Oh, I was struck by a thought (did you see the little light bulb go off above my head?), when the daffodils start popping up… Spring is not too far behind!! I’m brilliant.  BRILLIANT, I say!

So when I get a second, I’m gonna cut these beauties & plop ’em in vases all over the house for my viewing pleasure.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



One thought on “Tell Me Thursday – 3rd Edition

  1. I’m with you on the low-maintenance planting stuff! We bought our house almost 16 years ago when my kids were little and we THOUGHT we wanted a big yard. Now I mostly just look at and think, “Boy, we have a lot of work to do.” I try to only put in things that take almost zero care, but those are hard to find!

    I like your daffodil picture – some of my favorite flowers.

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