Tuesday Toot – 5th edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Tuesday Toot post. May hap I haven’t had much to toot about lately but any whoozlebee here I am & I have something to toot about. Yay me!

Last week a friend of mine, who just happens to write a weekly column, asked me if I wanted to have my little blog possibly listed in an article on local blogs/bloggers… well, hell yeah I want to be possibly listed – where do I sign up??

So, long story short, she took my web addy as well as a couple other awesome local bloggers I recommended and voila! by Friday the story & our websites were listed in two of our local papers. How cool is that?!

I suppose my excitement about being listed in a local paper as oppose to a national paper might seem a bit silly but it is a big deal to a small time, non-celebrity, regular ol’ person such as myself. I’ve cut the article out to save for posterity. I might even frame it! Does that sound too pathetic? Well, I don’t care. Let it be just the start of articles featuring my “writing” (and yes, I’ve used the quotations appropriately) or blogging.

I’m linking the web version of the article in case you’re interested in reading it… but I have to say that for some strange reason they have my previous website addy listed instead of my current version and not all of the bloggers I mentioned above were shown -except in the paper edition.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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