Randomly random randomness


So it’s time again for my Random Tuesday thoughts list. I love participating in this meme because lately I’ve been struggling with putting my thoughts in order and then making sentences & paragraphs out of said thoughts.

Yay for Monday night t.v.!! My favorite shows are all on Monday night; Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement. Have you seen any or all of these shows? Do you love them?! Rules of Engagement just premiered last night after a loooooooooong, long hiatus. And I am so glad its back!!! David Spade is a laugh riot on this show (or any show really). Although, I think the chemistry & comedic timing between all the actors is brilliant.

I decided to get my ear pierced – you might not know if you don’t read my other blog but I recently decided to wear earrings in the second holes on my earlobes again. Well at the same time I’ve been thinking about having a piercing done on my upper ear. Oh, this is taking to long to describe.

So here is a picture:piercing-photo1

I ended up getting two piercings done at the one time as you can see from the photo. I really, really like how it looks. Me = Happy.

I’m learning how to use photoshop! Mah skillz iz growing! This is my second attempt at a “photoshopped” image. Here is my first and please don’t laugh.

Last weekend I painted my toenails with a black polish – this is another first for me. I usually wear dark red or burgundy or in summer time a pretty coral type color.

Apparently, all this is wigging my Honey bunny out. She keeps telling everyone, “Look what my mom did! I can’t believe she did this!”

No, I’m not going to get a tattoo next. The husband isn’t really big on tattoos. Well, more like isn’t big on me getting one. He’ll watch every tattoo show on television because he loves the artistry & talent involved with the true professionals. And it’s not that I really want to get one, I don’t think I could ever pick something that I would want to have put on my body permanently.

There are still at least three major items I need to finish for the CPA in order to get our taxes started. Procrastination, yeah it’s my middle name.

Think I’m breaking up with myspace. You see, I’ve been spending all my free time with someone else… facebook. There was a time when I loved myspace and all the fun things we used to do together but now I find that I have so much more in common with facebook. Sorry myspace, we’ll still see each other. Just not as frequently as before.

Parties galore this month. Bridal shower, Baby shower, birthday parties, BBQs. Good stuff, sure, but man I have to go shopping for gifts! Like yesterday!

Next week, it will be my goal to get the Random Tuesday thoughts post done earlier in the day! Sheesh, I’m laggin’.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



2 thoughts on “Randomly random randomness

  1. Ooh, I always wanted that middle bit on my ear pierced. Whatever it’s called. But then someone said theirs went ‘crunch’ when they got it done and suddenly I didn’t want to do it so much anymore.

    And yeah – I have a tattoo on my wrist that I’m not so keen on anymore. The one on my back, I don’t really care.

    Keely´s last blog post..I have a rich fantasy life: Random Tuesday Thoughts

    • It’s called a tragus! I didn’t know that either until I told them that I wanted it pierced. It really did not hurt. Maybe for like a second. But compared to the cartilage piercing or giving birth to two gremlins, naaaaw it was nothin’!

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