Tell Me Thursday 2 – Birthday

Wow, this week has passed by so quickly ~YET AGAIN~ cause here I am about to share with you the details of another Wordless Wednesday photograph in this Tell Me Thursday post.

So, this Wordless Wednesday photo was taken by me at Honey bunny’s birthday party at a place called Jump Sky High. (Author’s side note: I’m most definitely not a professional photographer, as evidenced by this horrendous picture, so forgive the terrible quality.) You wanna talk about a fantastically cool place for kids or adults that act like kids? Then lets talk about this place. It’s a ginormous warehouse filled with trampolines attached together & with trampolines as walls! The kids are free to bounce of the walls – literally! Ha! See how funny I am. Heh. Anyway, I think you can even see a kid in the photo climbing up the back wall.

I love this place. Why? That should be fairly obvious… kids love to jump, run, bounce (it’s from all that energy they’ve sucked outta their parents) and this is the locale to burn it off. There is a separate area with a giant foam pit where the kids can just fall into the huge chunks of foam or jump in – if so desired. Next to that is a dodge ball area. Yes, dodge ball on trampolines! The kids can not get enough of this.

What struck me about this photo was the way her hair looks being mid-bounce.

Originally her birthday wasn’t supposed to be at Jump Sky High but I’m so glad it was. Honey bunny & her friends had an abso-freaking-lutely fabulous time! I’d recommend it. Wait, I think I pretty much already did.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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