Cavity? What do you mean she has a f#@%ing cavity?!

Shocked! That’s how I felt when the dentist told me Pumpkin had a f#@%ing cavity. Dismayed. I still can’t believe it. Well, I guess I can believe it, since we haven’t always been as diligent as we could be brushing her teeth. She’s child #2, my little Pumpkin, my 3 year old. Does this mean anything to you? Maybe not. Perhaps those of you that have more than one child? Tell me you understand. Please? Lie to me.

I feel so bad for Pumpkin because it’s like this cavity is representative of the lack of attention she has received from her father and myself. I’m not saying that we neglect her… it’s just that circumstances are different now in comparison to the time Honey bunny was 3 years old. We are way busier now with our business. Happily it has grown these last 9 years, however that means that I’m not home with her as much as I was with her big sister. And I have more work to do while at home, both for the business & general household chores. Not to mention the karate two days a week (soon to be four days a week).

I must say, though, that you have NO IDEA how this one little cavity makes me feel like a GINORMOUS failure as a mom. And yeah, it is my fault. I’m supposed to be brushing her teeth before she goes to bed & when she’s getting ready in the morning. Don’t try to take my mommy guilt away from me. But don’t judge me either! Heh.

Honey bunny never had a cavity – still hasn’t had a cavity! But then again, either I’m brushing her teeth or she’s doing it herself twice a day. You might actually say, we’ve been fastidious in her teeth brushing.

Well, on Wednesday morning I will be taking Pumpkin in to the dentist office to have the cavity filled. ACK. Even typing it is giving me the heebie jeebies. I have had my share of cavities filled but this is my little baby were talking about!! They’re gonna have to give her laughing gas. {weeping} God, I feel so terrible. She’s not supposed to have any food or drinks three hours before the appointment in order to reduce the chances of nausea. I won’t even be allowed in the room when they do this thing. I might have to tell them that I will be there – regardless. Although, having me stay in the waiting room might actually reduce Pumpkin’s anxiety (and my anxiety from watching all this unfold).

So, I’m waiting apprehensively for Wednesday to be here & then go away just as fast so this “experience” will be over and done.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I’ve been *very* conscientious in Pumpkin’s teeth brushing ritual since learning of the offending cavity. We are brushing them every night before bed and every morning before we leave for school.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


P.S. I may have an update for this “experience” after Wednesday… we’ll see how it goes.


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