The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

We’ve been having a slight challenge with Honey bunny telling us the truth about stuff. Even the most mundane things. Did you eat the last blueberry muffin? Have you finished your homework for today? Did you put your clean clothes away? Have you brushed your teeth yet? This morning it was about how much money the “tooth fairy” gave her for losing another tooth.
Now, I happen to know how much money the “tooth fairy” left under her pillow but when the husband & I asked her how much she scored for the tooth, she proceeded to tell us that she got four quarters. Wha huh??!! Uh, no you didn’t.

So, here is the sticky part. We know she actually got two $1 bills from the “tooth fairy” but obviously we can’t outright say you’re lying kid, we know how much it was, and it wasn’t no four quarters. And it’s not like we can keep grilling her about it. Well, we let it slide for the time being but as the husband was driving her to school, he told her that he was going to have Mommy send an email to the “tooth fairy” to find out how much money was left for the tooth. To which she replied, have Mommy ask the tooth fairy what she does with the teeth after she takes them away. Ok, this kid has nerve.

If you get right down to the heart of this, we aren’t telling her the truth either. We expect her to be completely truthful with us but we lie to her everyday about Christmas & Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy. I suppose you could say these are harmless things, just cute stories that are made up for children but ultimately it’s lying. That’s a topic for discussion another day. Let me tell you what happened after I picked her up from school….

As usual she is to start on her homework right away, well she did that without any arguments (for a change!). The husband came into my office and asked if we were ready to talk with her about what the “tooth fairy” had said in the email. I began by telling her that the “tooth fairy” told me she had left two $1 bills under her pillow and I asked her why she said she got four quarters.

Honey bunny: “Well I think because four quarters equals one dollar I maybe got them confused.”
Me: “Oooookkk, what about the fact that there were actually TWO dollars not just ONE dollar?”
Honey bunny: “I think what happened is that I maybe didn’t move the money to see that there was actually two of them”
Me: (thinking to myself) damn this kid’s gonna be a lawyer or really good criminal – Heaven forbid. “So you just picked the money up & folded it & then put it in your money jar?”
Honey bunny: “Yeah, I think that’s what happened”
Me (looking at the husband & communicating telepathically) this was a complete waste of time.

Clearly we never got to the bottom of the “tooth fairy” money & we’ve established that our child is a really good story fabricator who is excellent at following along with leading questions.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



3 thoughts on “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

  1. Awww, honey. Not looking forward to your teenage years with that one.

    Good luck and let us know if you get any breakthroughs, because I’m sure one of mine will pick up the lying trait from their father.

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