Mommy Gossip – GNO – Feeding America this Thanksgiving

I had the pleasure of participating again in the Tuesday night Twittermoms Mommy Gossip-GNO last night. And as usual, the energy was frenetic!  The amount of tweets – I just couldn’t keep track!  It certainly is easy to get lost, as a couple ladies mentioned. It is always so much fun though to read the random conversations happening between participants! AGAIN #gno was top ranking on Twitter Search for the whole 5+ hours of girl’s night out. You all rock!!

Last night’s topic was Charity.  The awesome ladies behind Mommy Gossip-GNO set up a spectacular way to give to the families of America this Thanksgiving. So in addition to our regular chit chat and whatnot we had the opportunity to win DOOR PRIZES! and AUCTIONS!  In fact, I won two auctions for this and this and I can not wait to get them!!!

So, anyway, if you haven’t had a chance yet to head over to Mommy Gossip-GNO, do it NOW and make a donation so they can reach their goal & you can help feed America this Thanksgiving!!

You’ll be glad you did. It feels good to give. Go ahead. Even $5 will make a difference!!

Thanks for helping!


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