The Alphabet of Me

I saw Slackermama do this meme the other day and as usual have stolen the idea for posting here. Because I don’t have an original thought in my head, FYI. You might not learn anything new about me. But then again, maybe you will. If you wanna do it, just snag it for your own self and let me know in the comments so I can come peep at your answers. Cause I’m nosy as well.

A is for age: I’ll be turning *cough* 38 *cough* next month. OMFG. It just doesn’t seem possible. I swear I don’t feel that old. I pray, to whoever is in charge, that I don’t look that old. It just can’t be happening. I’m almost – to the age I can’t even bring myself to type let alone say. {weeping} Please just give me a minute, ok, thanks.

B is for burger of choice: The Peppercorn Burger from Chili’s. Although the thing is monstrous & I can’t ever finish it, it is still deliciousness on a plate.

C is for the car I drive: A 2004 Lexus GX 470 in Dark Blue with tan leather interior and what once were tan carpets but are now covered in spotty stains from childrens drinks constantly spilling. Oh, yeah, not to mention the crushed up goldfish stuck in the seats. But hey, who’s keeping track?!

D is for your dog’s name: Paddington & Road Max von Schnauzer. Yeah, uh, about that. He’s a miniature Schnauzer & we met the breeder’s husband at a road stop. So that’s were Road Max came from. We’ve had Paddy now for almost 14 years. He’s a good dog. He’s getting old. So, a couple 4 years ago we decided to get ourselves a new puppy! Brilliant! Then we found out three months later that I was pregnant. New baby and 1 yr old puppy – fun stuff.

E is for essential item you use every day: Yeah, that’s gotta be my iPhone. I totally agree with Marilyn on this. I lurrrrve my iPhone!! And there are so many cool Apps like Twittelator Pro & WordPress & myspace & Grande Getter (yes, it will find the nearest Starbucks. believe me this is a necessity.)

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: Definitely ‘How I met your Mother’ although ‘Big Bang Theory’ comes in a close second.

G is for favorite game: I don’t play many games. Although back in the day, in the dark ages, I would play Tetris for entire days ~from morning until night.

H is for home state: California. What’s not to love about this place?! Well besides the insane house costs (but that’s changing, isn’t it?). But living where we do, we have access to the beach & the mountains & deserts. It’s ideal in my opinion.

I is for instruments you play: Once upon a time I played the flute.

J is for favorite juice: Orange Juice but I gave it up because of the sugar/carbs. Every now & again I’ll have a small glass.

K is for whose bum you’d like to kick: Don’t even get me started.

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: Jesus Mexican Restaurant. They have the best mexican food & it’s right next door to Honey bunny’s karate studio so therefore extremely convenient.

M is for your favorite Muppet: I remember watching the Muppet show every Sunday night. My favorite then & now is Beaker.

N is for number of piercings: Two. In my ear lobes.

O is for overnight hospital stays: Two times at two days each time.

P is for people you were with today: My gremlins, the husband, W-, M-, Y-, and A- (you know who you are, if you’re reading this anyway)

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: Read blogs, write, read books. I might watch a movie. A lot of times, I just sit in the quiet and read a magazine. EXACTLY.

R is for biggest regret: I don’t really have any regrets at this point. I’ve done just about everything I’ve wanted to do, travel (to lots of wonderful places), have two lovely gremlins daughters (what the hell were we thinking?? Kidding), own my own businesses, have a fantastic house (that we can barely afford – but its beautiful!), and two nice cars (that are paid off!).

S is for status: At the office – taking a bit of a mental break to fill out this A-Z of me.

T is for time you woke up today: 5:54am. Yes, really, 5:54am exactly. That’s the time I set my alarm clock for. Not 5:55am or 5:50am. Just because I can.

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: I really don’t know. Perhaps my eye color. Otherwise I’d have to say that I’m a fairly plain ordinary girl.  Oh, I wanted to be different so I did the whole “punk” / “new wave” thing in junior high but that only last for about 6 months.

V is for vegetable you love: Really fresh green beans. I’ll eat them raw or cooked doesn’t matter to me. Although I did make up this sauce to cook the green beans in that is pure awesomeness.  Even the gremlins ask for seconds when I prepare them this way! The green beans, not the children. In case there was any confusion.

W is for worst habit: Procrastination. Plain and simple.

X is for x-rays you’ve had: Had an X-ray done on my thumb – which I broke playing softball as a kid and the usual x-rays for teeth. Luckily I haven’t had too many problems.  Though I did have a MRI done on my back because I had pain for two years that was so bad there were shooting pains down my left leg everytime I stood up.  Turns out I had a bulged disc that was pinching the nerve in my spine.  Hmmmmm, maybe that was the problem.  All better now!!

Y is for yummy food you ate today: Well, so far today I’ve only have a bowl of cereal and it wasn’t really all that yummy.  And lunch isn’t sounding to appetizing at this point but we’ll see as it gets later.  Maybe I’ll get the Country Grilled Cheese sandwich at this BOMBTASTIC restaurant in town….

Z is for zodiac: Capricorn If you’re curious, then here’s wikipedia’s explanation.


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