Chicago Moms Blog: Stop Hoochifying our Girls!

Can I get a AMEN?!  I’ve had to deal with this ridiculousness almost on a daily basis. Having two young impressionable girl children. They hound me constantly with requests for this “toy” or that “toy” that they’ve seen on a T.V. commercial. And before you get on my case about not letting them watch television, they only watch MAYBE, at most, and not everyday, an hour.  On the weekends it is sometimes a different case but I do ATTEMPT to limit their viewing time because this is what they see: photo

And you know what, it isn’t just the “toys” that are hoochifying our girls. I was shopping with the family last weekend in a popular clothing store Limited Too and the style of clothes are exact replicas of what I see in ADULT woman’s clothing stores.  Just because you make it in a child’s size 6, 7, 8, 9 doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for them to be wearing!!!!

And case in point, 2176329_022directly from the website:

Our children need to be children. They don’t need to be turned into sexual objects at 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 years old – or even 11, 12, a 13.

I’m getting off my soap box for the moment.  Now go read this and maybe together we can figure out how to tell the people in charge to STOP MAKING SHIT like this for our CHILDREN.

Chicago Moms Blog: Stop Hoochifying our Girls!

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Moms Blog: Stop Hoochifying our Girls!

  1. Amen again! My pet peeve is little tank tops and T-shirts for TODDLERS that have gathered bodices, which makes it look like they have cleavage or something. Ick. In my opinion, little girls should dress like little girls, not like pint-sized versions of 19 year olds. And don’t get me started on Bratz… :p

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