Shopping with my girlies


I took the girls out shopping the other day and while this used to be a ginormous ordeal including loading up the car with stroller, diaper bag, toys, change of clothes, the kitchen sink, now its not!!  And I am sooooooo thrilled about it.  I believe I’ve mention it a time or two, but just in case you missed it, a DSW just opened in our little town and if you don’t know what DSW is then you are missing out.  It is the Mecca of shoe stores.  But anyway, so it just opened and I took the girls there to do some shoe shopping!

The minute I walked through the door, a slow smile spread across my face.  I think I might have heard angels singing.  There were rows upon rows upon rows of shoes in every style, color, and material. And you might know by now, I luuuurvvves me some shoes.  In fact, I love shoes so much I’m doing this for the month of November. So, yeah, I was pretty much in heaven.

Now, in previous years this shoe shopping experience might not have gone so well. But this time the gremlins are older. They were amazingly well behaved. Honey bunny had her trusty Nintendo DS lite that she played the entire time we were in the store & Pumpkin sat on the benches and chairs throughout the whole store. It was perfect. I found (after HIGHLY restraining myself) two pairs of flats ~and I totally needed them, man~ and a pair of black stretch boots with a lower heel. This selection of shoes is in no way indicative of the style of shoe I wear exclusively… I just happened to need lower heels. So, hey, that’s how it goes.

Next we went to get them some shoes & then it was off to get some lunch.  They wanted to go to Subway and I was fine with that.  I let them pick out the table ~they picked the tall kind with stools as opposed to the regular table/chair deal.  It was at this point that I looked over at them and realized that they’re getting to be so grown up!  Pumpkin is soon to be 4 YO & Honey bunny is nearly 9 YO.  I almost have instant “girlfriends” to go shopping with!!!

Now, honestly, I don’t know whether it was just the right combination of perfect or if it’s going to be this easy from now on but it felt AWESOME.  To be able to go shopping without breaking up fights, without whining or tantrums & to be able to carry a “regular” size purse as opposed to a gigantor diaper bag, it was nothing short of exquisiteness.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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