Halloween Recap aka boring you with the story of my children going TOTing

First I must tell you about the ordeal of obtaining the costumes. Usually the gremlins have a clear idea of what they want to dress up as for all Halloween events and this year was the same except that Pumpkin decided to dress in the same costume as Honey bunny. To say this was a small problem would be an understatement. It drives Honey bunny INSANE when her little sister copies her – no matter what it is. But surprisingly this year she acquiesced. This made the husband & I quite happy as now we could all move on with our lives without all the whining, crying, moaning, and all other general means of complaint!

My little Pumpkin had a parade at her preschool. They also had a blast playing games & dancing to the classic Halloween music. Can you say ‘Monster Mash’? This is her with BFF:

So here are all the friends getting ready to demand candy from strangers. These are the children of our old neighbors who we still see fairly regularly:

The Moms decided to give the Dads a break by taking all the kiddos out Trick or Treating thereby allowing the husbands to consume large quantities of beer. Exhibit A the husband trying on the wig from one of the other Dad’s costumes:

And yes, it has finally started raining here. After weeks and weeks of freakishly hot weather it was raining. Fabulous timing, if I do say so myself. Honey bunny decided to announce every single time it began raining. Which, btw, was annoying as hell after the third time ~ oh, it was an on again/off again sort of rain.

Pumpkin decided right away that she wanted to keep up with the big kids despite the fact that they are 5-6 years older than her! It didn’t matter to her. She ran after them determined not to be left behind.

After about three blocks the kids have full baskets of candy & were ready to head home. Which was just fine by us. Once back at our friend’s house, we did the candy clean-out. You know, where you go through all their candy, taking out the items you don’t want them to eat and then taking out the items that YOU want to eat before they can get to it.
The kids spent the next hour playing games with the candy, eating more candy then we ever allow them to eat at one sitting, and running around throwing the candy in the air playing grab your favorite kind of candy. It was a Candy Fandango!

So basically it was a perfect night. We Moms & Dads got to drink some beer, chitchat, laugh, and have an all around good time while the kids got to be silly & act crazy.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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