Tackle it Tuesday

Hey, look! I finally remembered to take a picture before I did the work!!!  This a sh*tload of papers that I have been meaning to file since -let me check- July.  That’s right.  At the bottom of the stack was an invoice from way back in July.  It’s October now.  Sooooo, that would mean… four months ago.


And I only wish I was getting paid for the product placement in this photo!  Certainly would be nice to get some of the money back that I spend there EVERY DAMN DAY.  But that’s my own fault for getting addicted.  See that stack of papers on the right?  Those are the receipts the husband brought back from his business trip to HK.  Cause in my real life, we do this and this and this and this for our bread & butter.

Here is a photo mid-way thru the sorting process:

And more product placement.  Damn why aren’t I getting paid for that?!  At this point, I’d be working on the stack for about 30 minutes.  Sorting, sorting, sorting.  Asking myself the same question I ask myself everytime I do this, “why did you let it go for so long AGAIN you moron?”  Then another 30 minutes of sorting, sorting, sorting.  THEN!  I finally got to the bottom of the stack, Huzzah! 

Now I could actually file the papers in their proper folder in the filing cabinet.  Incidentally, this took another 15 minutes.

Here is what my desk looked like upon completion:


Wow, I almost don’t know what to do with all the desk space I’ve recovered from the piles upon piles of papers.  And as I inevitably do at the end of this ordeal, I’ve promised myself not to let it get so outta hand again.  I will file the papers two or three times a month rather than waiting FOUR months.  Well, we shall see. 

Oh, by the way, this is what the desk in my home office looks like.

Do you think I have a problem?  A little problem with filing?  And I swear I did not intentionally set that Target bag there just for this photo!!  (And WHY aren’t I getting paid for the placement again?  I need to talk to some people about this situation.)  It has been sitting there on top of the THIRD stack of papers since last week.  It’s filled with expired medicines that I’ve been planning to take to the pharmacy for proper disposal.  Uh, I’ll get right on that!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



6 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. HA! Kudos to you dear! There is NO WAY I’m getting to my pile of papers (on the desk) and textbooks (bookshelf and scattered randomly about the house) until after exams.

    Now I’m sad, AND want Starbucks. Thanks!

  2. I only wish my piles looked that organized. What a job. Maybe I need to start get it done Tuesday’s.

    I have two paper bags in my closet to sort through from before I moved which was almost three months ago. It’s to be shredded and filed, miscellaneous kids papers and old invoices and such, but whoo nelly, just can’t seem to get there.

    Oh, and let us know when you start raking in the big bucks for your product placement.

  3. I hate filing, so I pile and pile papers up in a corner then another corner once it starts falling over because of the weight of all the papers, then when there is no more room I decide to file and it takes me hours to sort through things. Ahhh!
    LOL! You made it sound so funny though. You gave me inspiration to get off the computer and go file some papers. Talk to you in a few thousand years. LOL!

  4. BUT I bet you know where everything is! I’m a messy organized person LOL Then when I put it way, i can never find it!

    Good for you for getting some things done! Doesn’t it feel good to have all that space?

    Oh and that Starbucks in the picture is just torture!

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