The $100 store is now off limits

Silicon Valley Moms Blog: The End of a Love Affair

Funny that I was just twittering about this exact thing last week when I went to get Honey bunny’s BFF a birthday gift & bought about 10 other things I didn’t really need to be purchasing. So I’ve come to the same conclusion, it’s true, and sad so sad, but I whole-heartedly agree, I must not allow myself to go to Target ~also affectionately known as the $100 store among my aquaintances (you know, a take on the $1 store only waaayyy more expensive)~ as frequently.  It is sooooo difficult to resist the awesomey goodness of items to be found down each aisle.  And we have a BRAND SPANKING NEW Target right down from my house.   {weeping}  So it makes it even more challenging NOT to go there, oh, yeah, and it’s a *Super* Target so I can purchase some grocery/freezer stuff while also picking up books, movies, home decor, toys, shoes and clothes.  {sniffling}

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

3 thoughts on “The $100 store is now off limits

  1. Oh my! We went there tonight just to get a pair of pants a shirt for my 6 yr. olds Halloween costume and ended up spending $100. How funny. That always seems to happen to me, glad I’m not alone.

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