Fabulous article – Good news in the Bad news

I was reading the latest edition of San Jose Magazine because I’m pretentious like that and I came across an article from Murry Frymer called Good News in the Bad News and I very much wish I could find a link to the article but my powers of searching are shite, evidently. So here is a recap (and I’m completely paraphrasing ~ horribly):

The Bad news: The High price of gasoline
And the Good news: Lives will be saved because of fewer cars being driven on roads & freeways. Oh, yeah & the environment will get healthier!  Side note: And people like me will have to stop driving their SUV all over creation.

The Bad news: Falling home prices
And the Good news: People will actually be able to AFFORD to buy a home! And maybe even a vacation home.  Side note: At least for now, we can still afford to stay in the ginormous house we bought

The Bad news: Wars here, there, and everywhere
And the Good news: Luckily we don’t the draft! 

The Bad news: Hollywood malaise – a diet of lousy dramatic, comedy, and adventure movies
And the Good news: More animated films awesomeness. More people spending time at home with their kids & watching their HUGE flat screen t.v.s and saving themself from a heart attack from all that awful butter on the overpriced movie popcorn.

The Bad news: Doctors report growing numbers of people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other worrisome diseases.
And the Good news: Nursing homes cost a fortune and probably you’ll wish you were dead anyway.

The Bad news: The burgeoning number of guns in the society
And the Good news: Eh it depends on your politics. Gunmakers = Happy, Anti-gun people = Happy cause your neighbor doesn’t have a nuclear weapon yet.

The Bad news: George Bush is leaving office
And the Good news: YESSSSS! George Bush is leaving office!!!! And Republicans can stop defending him.

The REAL Bad news: Inflation, recession, the stock market, the environment, racial prejudice, and kiddie porn
And the Good news: We’ve seen some bad times before, and here we are again. Frymer suggests we hold hands, gather round a campfire, and sing “Kumbaya”.

And here is my bonus Bad news/Good news:
Bad: The stock market is TANKING here & every over country around the globe
Good: It hasn’t hit bottom yet! There’s still hope that it will go back up.  Besides, this is just really market correction, right?

Lastly, here’s one for you, if you wish to attempt to find a Good news side to this Bad news ~ leave it in the comments!

The Bad news: $700 billion bailout

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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