BFFL aka Best Friends for Life, for the stoooopid people like me

Honey Bunny told me that her and M- are BFFL.  At first, I was like WTH is BFFL? Then, I hit myself on the head because I’m getting so old I don’t even know all the acronyms anymore.  Wait.  I do know what BFF stands for but I was too brain dead to figure out the “L” part.  Which, by the way, I attribute to her & her sister stealing my brain from me during child birth.  So she says in a condescending tone, “it means Best Friends for Life, Mommy” like I’m dumber than a … than a … pile of rocks. 

Just like this:

Which may well be the case, but that’s entirely beside the point. And I’m sadder than sad to realize it has come to this ~although why I’m surprised I don’t know~ my child thinks I’m dumb.  OH, sure, sure, I know, you don’t have to remind me, it was bound to happen sooner or later, I just thought it would be later later  like when she was 13 or 14yrs old not 8 years old.  Doesn’t this sort of thing happen about the time they’re teenagers?  I mean that’s when I seem to recall that my Mom got stupid.  I guess not. 

Well, I suppose I’ll have to roll with it. (HAHA, I just thought of this, Rock n Roll with it! HAHA! Heh. No, really, I am a college graduate.)  It won’t be until she turns oh… 23years old before she’ll realize I have a functioning brain inside my skull and PERHAPS, MAYBE, quite possibly, I’m not as dumb as a pile of rocks.

 Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),




**Thanks to these folks for the picture I used above!**


One thought on “BFFL aka Best Friends for Life, for the stoooopid people like me

  1. For the record, you WILL smarten up when they reach their 20s! I justed hated that “are you really that stupid mom” look they’d give me when they were younger. Because I’d never heard of some really awful band they listened to, or some other really important fact of life. . .

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