Is the tooth fairy real?

Amazingly, we’ve been able to keep the tooth fairy alive & “real” for Honey Bunny. Although she began questioning whether Santa Clause was real last Christmas! Odd.

What prompted this little discussion? She lost another tooth. It’s been awhile since she’s lost a tooth and she has been waiting impatiently since that last one came out. So, finally it happened again. After days and days of her fiddling with the tooth with her finger, wiggling it with her tongue, and eating apples to force it out, she twisted it out. Yuck, I know. But she was so happy. She came dancing into my bathroom, “Mommy! Look my tooth came out!!”

She immediately wanted to put it under her pillow but then realized that she wouldn’t be home that night as she was having a sleepover party at Nana & Papa’s house. OH NO! What EVER shall we do? No, really, I didn’t know what to tell her. Luckily the husband had come into the room to save my hide. He told her that the Tooth Fairy would not know to look at Nana & Papa’s house so she better leave it under her pillow at home.

Long story short… the husband & I were busy out at our booth at the local A&W festival that I forgot (entirely) about the tooth. When we came home on Sunday with the kids I realized that we hadn’t put any money under her pillow!! So while they were unloading luggage, toys, and other assorted junk that they had taken for the sleepover, I dashed into her room, threw a dollar under the pillow, grabbed the tooth, and made it back down the hallway in the nick of time. She was never the wiser. I’ll tell you what, she went straight to her room to see if the Tooth Fairy had taken her tooth and left some moola in its place. Honestly, we never give her that much money for a lost tooth. I think in all other cases we’d only given her 50 cents for the baby teeth.

I don’t know about how much you give your children (well or even if you do that at all) but when I hear people tell me they gave their kid $10 for a single tooth, it blows my mind. Shit, I’ll pull a few of my teeth for that kind of cash. What with the economy the way it is now and all. Heh.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


3 thoughts on “Is the tooth fairy real?

  1. I agree. We don’t usually do $1 either! But I was crunched for time, what with FORGETTING and all. Heh. So I grabbed the dollar as fast as I could to get it into her room before she found out the Tooth Fairy forgot her. Heaven forbid.

    If I had been on top of my game, then I would have grabbed 50 cents to stick under her pillow. Ah, c’est la vie. 😉

  2. I think we all would believe in someone who gives us cash.
    But you’re right about the ten bucks thing. I have a friend who gives out five bucks, and I think that’s crazy.

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