What, only ONE embarrassing moment?

Really, I’m not kidding.  Just writing about only ‘an’ embarrassing moment is a challenge.  I’ve been blessed with many, many embarrassing moments as gifts from my children, my husband, and life in general!

Here is one I wrote about a year ago now that I’ll share with you again.  And since we are one the subject of “feminine products”; we were at Honey Bunny’s karate class a few months back, Pumpkin was bored (as often happens with small children) so she began digging around in my purse, and pulled out tampons & panty liners.  NICE!  Well if it hadn’t been observed, then no harm done, right?  Well, unfortunately for me, she pulled them out, waved them about, and was yelling “Mommy, how come you have these in here too?!”  This, of course, got a few chuckles out of the other Moms.  I immediately grabbed the “items” out of her chubby little hands to shove back into the depths of my purse before any of the instructors or students saw what she was brandishing about.

Man, I love my kids!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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