The dictator is IN or how my 3 year old is controlling the whole family

My little Pumpkin is 3 1/2 years old now.  She has developed such a personality.  Um, yeah, the personality of a DICTATOR.  She has taken to ordering us around for EVERYTHING, anything, and even the most ordinary of things.  Like how we should all sit at the restaurant table for the birthday dinner of my FIL.  No, I’m not kidding.  And yes, it was fu*kin ridiculous watching a bunch of adults dancing around a table while a miniature person yelled out commands.  “NO, Mommy, Papa has to sit here and Sissy has to sit there, Nana I want you to sit next to me NOT Sissy.”  All the while the hostess is waiting to give us our menus.  Standing there impatiently waiting.  Probably thinking that we are a bunch of morons for letting this child control us, and don’t these people know how to disipline their child?

Another perfect example of the controllingness (yes, this is now a word -cause I said so), the minute she walks into my bedroom in the morning ~ if I’m not still in my PJs ~ she has a total meltdown.  “Mommy!  I wanted you to be in your PJs!!” or “Mommy!  I didn’t want you to take a shower!!”  Mind you it’s usually 5:45am when I get up to take a shower, so the first of many problems that I have is; WTH is she doing up at this hour?  And the husband is usually still TRYING to sleep but she’s launching into full nuclear meltdown, including throwing herself on the floor and crying at the top of her lungs.  Meanwhile I’m attempting to shush her, calm her, talk her down from the fit, FROM INSIDE THE SHOWER! 

Oh, yeah, and she tortures Honey bunny with the controllingness by demanding a specific spot on the couch for herself.  I bet you guessed which spot, uh huh, the very one that Honey bunny was already sitting in!

It would be one thing if this wasn’t happening every. single. day.  I could manage to control my own temper.  But this is occurring everyday.  I know she’s a 3 year old, I know they go through this at this age, I went through it once already with Honey Bunny.  Frankly, it seems worse to me this time.  Most likely, as we do with childbirth pains, I’ve conveniently forgotten how truly horrible it was.  My memory faded like an old pair of jeans.  And when I really, really think back (damn my memory stinks) I recall that we used to call Honey bunny “the little dictator”.  As a side note, my parents tell me that they used to call me “the little boss”. 

Perhaps this is the ol’ mother’s curse… I hope that SOMEDAY you have children that act just like you so you know what it was like!  I’m just getting my due, right?  Except that I’ve had two children and I know that I didn’t give my mom two times the trouble.  Or maybe I did?

Anyway, in another 6 months she’ll be turning 4 yrs old and I’m praying that this behavior will diminish ~if not completely disappear~ by that point.  One can only hope.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



2 thoughts on “The dictator is IN or how my 3 year old is controlling the whole family

    • HI – Did the phase pass? Hope it did, this sounds just like my three and half year old and I am struggling with my temper and patience! Am keeping my fingers crossed it is a phase and not a personality type!

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