Oh Hell No, it can’t be true

I just received a notice from Classmates that the usual people that arranged stuff in HS are now getting ready to arrange our … our … our 20th High School Reunion!  {sobbing}  How in the world is it possible that my 20th HS reunion is next year?!!!!  It can’t be true.  There is JUST. NO. WAY. that 20 years are gone.  20 years gone.  Gone.  Poof.  Not only that but that must mean that I’m 20 years older.  Nooooooooooo.  {weeping, loudly} 

It is so difficult to believe that all those many years have passed.  Yet, I’m sitting here on my couch, laptop in my lap, watching my two gremlins daughters (8 yrs old & 3 years old) playing tea party.  It must be true, then.  I must be that many years older now, too.  I suppose what has me so, so sad about getting older, I’m not doing/haven’t done all the things that I want with this lfe.  The only chance I have at this life.  Maybe not the only life I will have (depending on your particular beliefs) but the only chance I’ll have at this one. 

All right, that’s enough feeling sorry for myself.  Everyone gets older.  It’s the way it works.  This is not news to anyone.  And when I reflect on all that I have done, travels to foreign countries, the businesses we’ve built, the houses we’ve bought & sold, giving birth -twice-, I’ve done a hellofa lotta stuff with this life.  And God willing, I have many more years to do even more!

Will I be going to the reunion?  Yeah, I’m going.  Consider it morbid curiousity.  I’m desperate to see what everyone else looks like after all this time.  There are a few girls that I’ve remained close friends with through the years (since we’ve managed to stay in the area) that I get to see every now & again.  Plus a couple of friends, that keep in touch via email, that moved to other states.  Hopefully they’ll all be there.  And if the event gets planned right, then they’ll have it at or near a hotel so that the husband & I can stay overnight sans children.  You know what I’m saying. 

So, I sent an email off to the girl coordinating this shindig letting her know that I plan to attend.  And I suppose if help is needed and I’m asked, then I will assist with the arrangements.  But I didn’t tell her that.  Don’t want to get roped into something that I don’t really have time to do anyway!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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