I’m your mother

I’m your mother, not your friend.  I will forever remember this statement made by my stepmom.  You have plenty of friends, she’d tell me, your mother is not your friend.  I didn’t totally agree with it at the time & I don’t think I agree with it now.  My own mom was more in the middle on this.  She was the disciplinarian, the teacher, and the “friend”.      

Obviously I didn’t tell my mom all the things I was gonna do (that might have gotten me in trouble & some times she found out so I did get in trouble) – like a few of those parties I went to – but I think I could have talked to her about important stuff. 

I want my daughters to be able to tell me whatever, even if it’s stuff I don’t want to hear.  Especially if it’s stuff I don’t want to hear… that’s the real deal, the topics that matter most to them, undoubtedly.  

Do I want them to go to those parties?  Not really.  But did those experience shape who I am today, Hell Ya.  Will they get into trouble if they go to those parties?  Only if they lie about it.  And then only after they are home safe.  THEN will they get it.  I’m kidding. 

Will I be able to be their friend not just their mom?  I like to think so.  Probably I’m delusional and they won’t want me to know anything about anything they’ve got going on.  We shall see. 

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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