Am I just the Mommy?

On the advice of this highly intelligent lady, who has re-implemented writing prompt Monday, I am writing about ME (as in a MOM) today. Although I do have to say that it probably should have read ‘Back to Me’ since the point is to remember that I am a woman, an individual, and NOT just a Mommy.  Right?  (Possibly I misunderstood & it’s not really supose to be about *ME*).  I mean, I think I am still a woman first and a Mommy second.  I forget at times. 

I think this feeling of malaise is partially what lead me to sign up to participate in the SF Breast Cancer 3Day walk.  Well that and I’m all for saving 2nd Base.  In fact, I felt compelled to participate this year.  Like I Had! To! Do! It!  Yeah, real serious like that.  And I did it.  You can read more about that *experience* on my other blog

So moving on, I try, I do try to continue doing things that are just for ME.  Like blogging.  Though you’ll perhaps notice that the title of this blog is MOTHER Musings.  Guess I didn’t escape it here, but on my other blog, it’s supposed to just be about me or things I find interesting or things I want to bitch about.  

Some friends & I recently started a Book Club!  This is another attempt at doing something not at all related to my children but an activity that’s for my personal enjoyment.  I Luurves to read! 

Oh, yeah, reading is another little thing I do to escape from reality remind myself that I’m still an individual with a brain (or at least part of a brain since the two gremlins each stole 50% of my brain during pregnancy – whooops that’s 100%.  I guess I don’t have any brain left which makes the fact that I still function pretty remarkable, I’d say.)

I still do the mani/pedi thing whenever possible & I hafta get my hairz did (don’t tell anyone but there’s a few grays) and generally I do these things sans gremlins, it’s just better for everyone this way.  Well, it is for me anyway and all the people at the salon who are trying to escape from their own children.

I’ve basically given up scrapbooking.  Which I did enjoy… for the creativity it pulled out of me & the reminiscing over the photographs, but one only has so much time in the day.  And when your day includes working, chauffering children, cooking, cleaning, watering, blah, blah, blabbity blah, trying to stay awake to have ~shhhh~ s*x with your husband, and if your lucky 5 hrs of uninterrupted sleep,  (Bwhahahahahahahaha!  Heh.  Sorry, I got carried away there.) you’ve got to eliminate a couple of non-essential items.  You know what I’m saying.

Anywho, this has been a blast, thinking about how little time I have to do things for myself and all.  But I’m gonna wrap this up so I can move on to the next thing that must be done.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



2 thoughts on “Am I just the Mommy?

  1. I can relate. The kids are in bed, sorta and I have a kitchen to clean. Don’t you miss the days when you get lost for hours in a book?

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