Can I get Whoop Whoop

I saw this article last week and knew with every fiber of my being that I had to write a post about this list.  I abso-FREAKIN-lutely concur with each and every one of the 10 points he details in this article 10 Big Mistakes Parents Make –   Family & Parenting – Your Life – MSN Lifestyle.  Now, I don’t really care if you agree with me or him on these 10 mistakes.  Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.  BUT this is my blog, therefore what I say goes, mkthxbai and frankly, he’s a genius, A GENIUS I SAY!

I won’t waste anymore of your precious time by doing a recap here.  Cause you can go read it yourself over there.  It isn’t all that long.  Besides, he’s a better writer-type than I am. (See! perfect example)  But do yourself, your neighbors, your relatives, your CHILDREN, your children’s future significant other, and EVERYONE else a favor and read it!!!!  Then put these tips into practice.  Don’t make these mistakes; make other mistakes, sure – by all means – but not these.  Shit, I make gigantic, horrendous, “I’m gonna tell my psychologist about this when I get older” kinds of mistakes all the time.  Now you & I don’t have to make these mistakes… Mr. Genius Family & Parenting Expert Writer Type Guy has given us the key.  It’s up to us to take the key and unlock the damn door already!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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