Summer, summer come back

I’d like to lodge a complaint, if you please, to the people/person responsible for making our summer come crashing to an end.  Wasn’t it just the beginning of June?  Weren’t we just getting ourselves ready for the family Disneyland vacation?!  How is it August 15th already, I ask you!?!  (BTW that was rhetorical, just in case you take things literally.  I understand that the sun rises & sets and that represents days which add up to weeks which add up to months thereby illustrating how it’s now August 15th).

Moving on.  Next week, on Tuesday to be precise, Honey bunny returns to school.  As a 3rd grader ~God help me!  Am I ready for this?  Is she ready for this?  So after 5pm Friday we and all the other kids plus parents get to find out class assignments.  I’m frantically praying she won’t be in the same class as certain girls and she’s equally vehemently praying that she will be in the same class as said certain girls.  Here’s a little backstory.  Honey bunny had three girls in her class last year that played the “lets not be friends with her because…” game.  YEAH.  In 2nd GRADE.  So, so many nights I listened to her tell me about how so and so said this or so and so told her not to be my friend.  NONSENSE.  Now, I’m quite often naive but I ain’t stupid, I understand that this happens all through the school years and frankly even after we become “adults” (and fyi the quotes were used appropriately).  But my word people.  I don’t remember this sort of thing happening when I was in 2nd grade maybe 4th or 5th grade but not 2nd GRADE.  Do you? 

Anyway, I know this a perfect opportunity to teach my daughter how to be a better person.  Take the high road.  Find other girls to play with at recess.  Yadda yadda yadda.  But what I really want to tell her to do is tell those little brats to quit being so mean.  One day they’ll be on the receiving end of those games and they aren’t going to like it.  But that’s just it… they’ll get their due one day.  Muahahahahahaha.  Sorry, evil twin took over for a minute but she’s gone now and happy, kind, good mommy is back. 

So all that rambling leads me back to the start of this post.  I’m just not ready for summer to be over!!!!  Getting up at the crack of dawn to get kiddo fed, dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed, so on and so forth.  Rushing and homework and regular early bedtimes and more homework.  BLEH.  I feel like I’m going back to school.  Oh summer come back.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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