Tuesday Toot #3

 And, yet again, I forgot to take photographic evidence of the disaster area that I like to refer to as home. Although, I would have had to take 6 pictures as evidential proof since there were 6 rooms in our house that needed cleaning. Let me list them for you now:

  1. The Living Room
  2. Honey Bunny’s Bedroom
  3. Pumpkin’s Bedroom
  4. Our bedroom
  5. Our bathroom
  6. The Kitchen

To begin, the living room was littered with toys, drink cups, napkins, random blocks, straws, and shoes.  Honey bunny’s bedroom literally look like a tornado had recently come roaring through.  Pieces of paper, books, shoes shoes and more shoes scattered about, dvds, cds, computer games, and yesterday’s clothes/last night’s pjs lay hither and yon.  Pumpkin’s bedroom was the worst.  And in this case I REALLY wish I had a photo to share the condition.  Her closet actually looked as if it was throwing up stuffed animals, books, cards, fancy dresses, tiaras, baby dolls and their clothes.  Our bedroom wasn’t too bad… just an odd blanket or toy left lying about (and when I say toy, I’m referring to children’s toys not anything perverted).  Our bathroom, again, wasn’t all that bad.  Only a few toys including several pieces to Pumpkin’s tea set – yeah the one given to her by my sister at Christmas, the one I complained about before, and if I could find the post where I complained about it, then I’d redirect you but I’m too tired & I can’t find it.  The kitchen counter was basically the problem area of that room.  Upon entering the kitchen there is a long countertop that has become the dumping ground of all things coming home for the day.  Lunchboxes – check, school papers – check, mail – check, stuffed animals – check, game boys – check, shoes – check. 

Allrighty then.  Hopefully you now have a general idea of the overall messiness that permeated our home.  Well, tonight I decided that I was not going to be the only one cleaning the dang shit up.  ATTENTION!  CALLING ALL CHILDREN!  Yeah, I made the kids pick up their belongings and put them in their own rooms.  *gasp*  Then I made them put AWAY all the above referenced items into their proper places. *noooo*  I had to help Pumkpin the most since she is only 3 yrs old and easily distracted. 

I’d say it probably took us a good hour to get all the rooms cleaned.  But we did it!  And I am so thrilled to say that we can open and close Pumpkin’s closet doors.  No more vomitting of toys, clothes, stuffed animals!  WHOOP WHOOP!  I barely tolerated a boat load of complaining, whining, arguing, and negotiating from Honey bunny.  It only required me taking away her DS for a week to get her total submission obedient cooperation.  Muahhahahahahaha.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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