Like I wasn’t addicted to the internet before

I’ve been doing the twitter thing for the last week-ish and I can’t stand to be away from my computer or cell phone for ONE MINUTE!  My iPhone has an application called twitteriffic ~how’s that for a cute name~ that I downloaded so I can now send ‘tweets’ at any point in time from any location.  Really.  Even the bathroom.  Or in the car.  Or at karate (not mine but Honey bunny’s).  Or doing the elliptical machine at the gym – although I will admit this one is the toughest location so far.  Oh, yeah, you can send text messages ‘tweets’, too.  Although I won’t be twittering with this method as I don’t have UNLIMITED text messages per month.   

Here’s the deal… I have to know.  I have to read.  What are people saying?  What are people doing?  What about NOWOr nowHow about now?!!  What interesting post or article will someone link to?  What fascinating en dit will they reveal while answering one simple question… “What are you doing?”  This four-worded question amazingly opens whole worlds.  The answer could be simple & factual.  And quite often it is.  But then there are some that just don’t care to be mundane.  These are the examples that I really enjoy reading.  This thing called Twitter is awesome fun!  Twittering has turned me on to people that I probably would never (ok I won’t say never) have found on my own.

So if you aren’t busy enough in your everyday life, then join up too!  Come on everyone else is doing it.  It’s fun & easy.  Aren’t you a joiner like me?  A word of warning… just be prepared to spend ridiculous hours on the diggity dang thing… it is HIGHLY addictive.  But in a good way.

See you there, right??!


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