Tuesday Toot #2

                     I certainly wish I had a photograph of the disaster area that was my kitchen sink and surrounding countertops but alas I forgot to take the picture until I had slaved away cleaned the mess.  So I shall do my best to describe the state of affairs prior to me opening the giant can of whoop ass.  Imagine if you will, a sink -a double sink- filled to the brim with all manner of dishware.  Look to the left and visualize 15 bottles & cans that won’t fit in the recycle bins under the sink because those too are filled to overflowing.  Encircling said bottles & cans are cereal bowls (half full with milk), spoons, sippy cups, drinking glasses (and not the good kind of drinking), and small plates covered in crumbs from sandwiches the gremlins eat for lunch.  Look to the right and you’ll see the sink again so keep looking right until your eyes gaze upon the pileup of plates from the previous night’s dinner. 

Now, reach down & open the dishwasher and you’ll find it to be semi-full of clean dishes that still have not found their own way back into the kitchen cabinets.  Damn it!

Was that a good enough picture? 

OK, on to the clean-up.  After forcing myself to tackle the task despite my overwhelming desire to run away screaming and never come back, I put the clean dishes in their proper homes.  Nestled the silverware into the tray.  And put all glasses up in the cabinet.  One part down. 

Then slowly but surely each plate (large & small), each utensil, each sippy cup, glass, pot or pan made it’s way into the dishwasher.  Aaahhh, near completion.

AND FINALLY, I scoured the sink, wiped up the counter tops, and called it a day!  Oh, yeah, and the husband was so kind as to remove all recycling and deposit it in the larger bins out in the garage.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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