Crazy search

I was looking at my blog stats / search terms & noticed something a bit odd.  A search that was typed in by someone, some “interesting” person, that brought them to my blog.   It was: mom makes me wear her panties.  REALLY??  Uhh, yuck.  I’m quite sorry to hear that.  But what I want to know, what has got me so fascinated, WHY did the search bring that “interesting” person, with such an “interesting” search, to my blog??!  I suppose that combination of words somehow found a match from the topics I’ve discussed here. 

So then I got to thinking about all the searches.  Most were mundane, harmless, humorless.  Like this one: “for sale” sign.  I get this one.  I posted a number of times about our house being up for sale & originally I had a picture of a for sale sign in the post.

These are not so mundane or humorless:

  • they r make fun of me cat – aarrrgh, matey.  are ye send’n a text with yer blackberry peaarrrrl?
  • what happens flu vaccine when sick – I don’t think I even want to know.  Let alone have an answer to.
  • can you hear the voice of angels
  • can you hear the voice of the angels
  • singing chorus of angels – I sense a trend here…
  • i’m a mother and i drink – Yeah and your point is?
  • daycare meltdowns for mom – I thought it was the kids that meltdowns at daycare.  Apparently the moms get to have meltdowns also?  Good to know.
  • what is the daily life of a pediatrician – Sh*t.  Make boatloads of money for 5 minutes of time while speaking to you condescendingly.
  • gross things – And you think you’re gonna find them here?  Well, maybe, depends on the day.
  • random thoughts of the sleep deprived – I’ve had those, you know, being sleep deprived and all. 
  • meltdown calming techniques child mother – HAHAHAHA, if they think that I have a clue, then they are sorely mistaken!
  • lost of a mother song – Huh?  You stumped me on this one
  • thinking about being pregnant – DON’T DO IT!!  It’s never as fun/easy/joyous/wonderful as we imagine it to be… well sometimes it is but most of the time it isn’t.
  • two-year old whining and temper tantrums – riiiight, and you have a question…?
  • what no one tells you about being pregnant – EVERYTHING! They just want you to join the club of miserable slobs like themselves!
  • gratitude to mom – Bwhahahahahah. as. if.
  • this time i’ve really lost my mind – you and me both, heh heh, you and me both
  • clean chocolate milk off kitchen chair – just leave it, probably they’ll spill more tomorrow
  • +”velvet dress” +fur +picture -ebay -girl – Wow, is this like one of those math problems?

So there you have it.  A few of the strange, interesting, and sort of crazy things that people are searching and end up at me.  Makes ya wonder.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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