She’s my second child

Would that explain a few things?  Like the fact that she always looks like a raga-muffin child.  Yes, on occasion, I let her pick out the clothes she wants to wear; I’m tired of arguing with her.  I think I might have finally learned how to pick my battles…. 

Please see the following:

Example A:
Me- You mean, you want to wear the tan pants with the purple turtleneck with the red socks and the pink & orange rain boots today? 
Pumpkin- Yeah, yeah, Mommy. 
Me- Sure no problem. 
(inner monologue: If this will keep you from having another tantrum this morning, then be my guest!  Who cares that there isn’t a rain cloud in the sky and none of that stuff matches.) 

Example B:
Me – you don’t want me to brush your hair today? 
Pumpkin- Nooooo!  
Me- Are you sure you don’t want Mommy to make it look pretty?  I could put a nice bow in to keep your hair out of your face. 
Pumpkin- No, no, no! 
Me- Fine.  Let’s go! 
(inner monologue: Guess the teachers at school will have to do it again today! She always loves when Ms. Amy does her hair in braids anyway.) 

This never, never, never, ever, ever in a million, trillion years would have happened with Honey bunny – my now 8 yr old daughter.  As the first born child, my first born child, Honey bunny was my show piece (if you will).  I had so much to prove.  Why?  I can’t recall now.  Probably just my insecurity.  I had to show everyone that I was a good mommy, “see, my daughter- isn’t she the cutest thing?”  All dressed in an adorable outfit with matching tights & fancy shoes and her hair done in perfect ponytails held in place by coordinating ribbon.  Everyday.  Of course, I didn’t work at a job that I had to go to 5 days a week for 8+ hrs per day plus a two hour commute.  That being said, I clearly had scads more time.  Now it’s a whole other ball game, the husband & I have two businesses that require me to be in the office almost every day, all day.  Luckily it’s not a two hour commute to work & back.  It’s more like 7 minutes from home to work.  Plus, we are STILL trying to sell our house… meaning lots more cleaning on a daily basis.  Therefore, my little Pumpkin has much more freedom & a lot less restrictions than her big sister. 

P o s t  g e t t i n g  t o o  l o n g… m u s t   c o n t i n u e   l a t e r.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



2 thoughts on “She’s my second child

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  2. Ha! I was just at the park this morning with my two boys (almost 5 and 18 months). My toddler was on the bouncy thing and a “first-time” mother came up with her toddler. We chatted, and then she followed her wandering guy away. I noticed his little outfit — red shirts, a striped top, a washed face.

    My guy? Mango-stained gray t-shirt, dark blue shorts with green and orange trim, red socks, shoes too big (I could only find ONE shoe in the right size and used his brother’s too-small shoes instead)… the list goes on.

    Oh, the second child!

    Thanks for sharing these posts!

    Take care,

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