I’m so impressed

by my little Pumpkin!  OMG people, she got up on the toilet all by herself!!  More than once even!!  The husband & I were in our home office when we heard a little voice calling, “mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy”.  The two of us raced into the kitchen and called out to Pumkin, “where are you?” and she said, “I’m in the bathroom”.  So we go to the bathroom off the kitchen and there is our little Pumpkin sitting on the toilet!  Not her little potty training toilet, no, the real toilet.  I asked her how she got up there and she said “I did it myself”, I said, “did Sissy help you up there?” and she replied, “no, I did it myself!”  And of course we had to do the praising thing… “wow! you are such big girl! you got up there all by yourself! wow! good job!”

Here’s a little bit of backstory… she has been wearing pull-ups for about 8 months or so (I know, 8 months, please don’t start ragging on me about how long I’ve pushed this off) and the teachers at her day care have been after me for the last few months to have her wear real undies.  In fact, it was first brought up to me about 6 months ago.  I stalled because we are STILLLL trying to sell our house & I didn’t want to have issues with potty accidents all over the white carpet that we have in our house, not to mention the fact that we didn’t even have undies for her to wear.  So, the teachers brought the idea up to me again about four weeks ago.  “She stays dry all day, even at nap time and uses the potty regularly”, they told me.  OK!!  I get it.  I’ve just been really lazy.  We’ll go to the store, get her some undies, and give this potty training the old college try.  The next day we went to the store to pick out some big girl undies.  Pumpkin picked them out herself.  We made this was a big deal because we want her invested in staying dry, right? 

Well, I’m extremely happy to report that she’s got it down!  She has only had three potty accidents occurring right at the beginning of the transition.  Since then, not a single one (knock on wood).  I’m not sure why this has been so easy.  Is it because she is the second child therefore less pressure from us?  Is it because she has a big sister to copy?  Is it just because she is ready?  I don’t know why I’m questioning it.  I guess I should just be thankful that it has been so painless!  We do still have the nighttime pull-up action.  Most likely it will be that way for awhile yet since I refuse to move her into a regular bed.  She’s not even 3 yrs old yet, she hasn’t made any attempt to escape the crib, and she seems perfectly content to continue to sleep in the crib.  Why fix something that isn’t broken.  Plus, if she’s in a regular bed, then I have to start dealing with a small child wandering the hallways during the middle of the night.  Of course her sleeping in a crib will lengthen the time she remains in nighttime pull-up but I’ve got to weigh the matter and it seems best to leave it all as is for the time being.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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