Proof that I’ve lost my mind – part four

Ok, this is the final installment ~ I swear ~ of Honey bunny’s birthday party sleepover.  If you missed any of the excitement, then you can read about it here and here.  So, now it’s bedtime.  H- has been picked up by her mother and the other girls are somewhat settled down.  One girl was ready for bed, two were talking & watching t.v., and Honey bunny was fast asleep.  At this point it’s after 10:00pm.  I’m beyond exhausted.  But they aren’t done with me yet… oh no.  So M- is really tired and starting to complain about the other two that are keeping her awake.  I do my best to calmly explain that it is very late and they need to be quiet, relax, and try to go to sleep.  Little good did my effort, they were up talking within minutes of me leaving the room.  It’s getting later and later… now in addition to one sad tired girl, I have the whining complaints of another saying that C- keeps waking me up.  Believe you me, I wanted nothing more than to shout, “For the Love of God will you go to sleep?!!” but I certainly couldn’t do that, so instead I gently told them again to go to try to relax and go to sleep.  By 11:00pm I heard crying.  M- was crying for her Daddy.  I felt sooooooo bad.  I asked her if she felt like she could make it until morning but she said no.  Well, I called her Mom and then a few minutes later her Daddy was there to take her home. 

After checking on the girls one last time, I fell into bed, asleep within seconds.  It was a close second to my worst EVER night sleep.  

I woke up to feet pounding down the hallway.  Huh, I wonder to myself, how long have they been up?  I rouse myself as best as possible and stumble down the hallway to Honey bunny’s room to find out what they’ve been getting into.  Thankfully nothing serious.  So I ask them if they are ready for some breakfast, not yet was the concensus.  GOOD!  I can make some super-strength coffee to help wake up my tired a**.  I decided to let the girls play awhile before checking in again, no screaming or crying eminated from her room so I figured all was well.  Eventually they ran back into the kitchen looking for some food.  Bacon, Eggs, hash browns, fruit salad, waffles, and powdered doughnuts; they gobbled it all down.  My word, I didn’t think three smallish girls could eat so much.  And off they went again.  This time returning with the hair streaking kit Honey bunny had received at Christmas, begging, pleading, whining for me to streak their hair.  I gave in, I was weak, they wore me down.

Big surprise, they argued about who would get to go first and which color to use first.  I finally just told them if they couldn’t figure it out without fighting, then I would just put it away.  They came to a compromise right quick.  Amazingly, the kit was simple to use and not too messy.

On the invitations I had indicated the pick-up time as 10:30am, do you think the parents came on time?  Oh hell no.  They didn’t want to come get their kids.  It was close to 11:30am by the time the girls were picked up.  And we still had the whole house to clean for the open house that was scheduled for that afternoon.  I’ll tell you what, it will be a long, long, long, long time before I ever do that again, if ever.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),




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