Proof that I’ve lost my mind – part three

And now on to another installment of the birthday sleepover party story…. After the presents and cake we went back outside for the Starry Night search.  Another web search game… great in theory but not so great in practicality.  You’re supposed to hide the glow in the dark stars all over the yard then have the guests find them.  The winner has the most found stars.  Well, the stars weren’t glowing very brightly so the girls were having difficulty finding them.  The husband & I had to help point them out as 5 little girls followed us around lunging for the stars before the others could get them.  Honey bunny ended up winning this game.  Finally satisfying her desire for one of the silly $1 toys I bought.  I think she ended up picking out the acrylic rose ring which she took out of the box and then promptly lost.  Yeah, that was real important to her. 

Back inside we started the t-shirt decorating.  And I already told you how that went.  If you missed it, then you can read about it here.  Since the husband was freaking out about the glitter paint, we took those away & made the girls finish up with just the markers.  I think this killed about 15 minutes; then the husband couldn’t take the paints/markers getting everywhere for any longer.  We laid the shirts out to dry but knew that since the girls had used such heaping amounts of the glitter paint that they would never be dry by morning. 

The girls decided to start changing into their PJ’s and setting up their sleeping bags.  Unfortunately, one of the little girls wasn’t allowed to spend the night and she began to cry.  I felt so sad for her.  On the one hand, I understand where her mom was coming from with the decision.  They don’t know us; so she didn’t feel comfortable having her daughter sleepover.  On the other hand, that was ridiculously unfair and an extremely disappointing choice to send her to a birthday party where she would be the only one not sleeping over.  So I took her aside to help clean up her face & calm her down.  I did my best to reassure her that she could come over another time or Honey bunny could go over to her house to play.  I figured the best thing to do ~ distract!  We went out to the kitchen & immediately began the next game.  We let H- go first since she was a little sad.  This game was called Cotton ball scoop.  For those of you who haven’t played this game, you give each player 1 minute, while blind folded, to scoop as many cotton balls out of one bowl into another using a wooden spoon.  This is a pretty hilarious and torturous game because the player has no idea how many cottonballs they are actually getting into the other bowl.  90% of the times they lose all the cotton balls or miss the other bowl but have know idea.  The winner had 47 cotton balls.  Far more than any of the other girls who each had somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20.  Well, H- said to me, ‘I don’t think I’m going to win this game either’ with the saddest wobbly lip.  I tried to keep it light by saying, ‘sometimes that happens’.  Now, I know she doesn’t care that this sometimes happens.  She wanted to win.  But we “adults” know we don’t win every game we play.  We don’t get everything we want.  That’s just how it is with life.  But I couldn’t get into all that with this little girl at a birthday party.  That is really her parent’s job as her life teachers, not mine.  I’ve got my own two gremlins to teach.

So anyway, we had the girls settle down on their sleeping bags to watch a movie.  The movie that all the girls wanted to watch couldn’t be watched because one of the girls hadn’t seen it yet & her mother has a rule about watching movies that are approved first.  Ooooookkkkk.  Fine.  Let’s pick something else.  Finally they selected a movie they’d all seen before but didn’t mind watching again.  I went off to start making popcorn.  In the middle of all this, my nephew called to wish Honey bunny a happy birthday.  After their chat, my sister wanted to talk with me.  So, trying to cook popcorn and talk on the phone aren’t really the best combination of tasks.  The first batch of popcorn came out a bit over done.  Generally, I don’t like to put a bunch of butter & salt on the family popcorn but I guess I should have smothered the popcorn for the girls… I got nothing but complaints about the taste of my popcorn.  “There’s not enough butter on here.”, “I can’t taste the butter.”, “Did you put any butter or salt on here?”  Geez!  And then to top it off, none of them finished what was given to them.  Why did I even bother?!!  All in the semi-vain attempt to create a fabulous party for Honey bunny.

To be continued… again.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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