Proof that I’ve lost my mind – part two

Well, we had Honey bunny’s birthday sleepover party this weekend.  I think I have finally recovered enough to talk about the “experience”.  Let me start by saying that I underestimated the amount of energy that would be necessary for this event.  Both physical and psychological.  Where to begin?  I’ll start from the beginning of the party….

We have a jump house that we bought a few years back and we set this up so the girls could initially jump their little self’s sick (not to mention get out as much extra energy as possible before we were forced to go inside for the night).  I had planned ahead for all the games, prizes, food, etc.  So it’s not like I was scrambling for things for the little terrors to do.  No, on the contrary, they had plenty to do.  It was just that my involvement was required for every single bloody game.  Clothes Pin 7-up – yep, Freeze dance – yep, Musical Chairs – yep, Starry Night search – yep, Cotton ball scoop – yep, even & probably most of all, decorating of the T-shirts – OH HELL YEAH.  I didn’t think it was possible for experienced 8 yr olds to make such a mess.  It’s not like they all haven’t painted or decorated stuff before!  They’ve been doing this kind of thing for ages now.  They still managed to get more of the paints & markers on the clothes they were wearing & my floor than on the T-shirts.  The husband was all freaking out about parents sending us dry cleaning bills or just a bill to pay for new clothes.  I did my best to help them get the paints out of their clothes, but, oh well.  That kind of stuff happens.  I guess the argument could be made that it’s entirely my fault for allowing them to do this activity.  Don’t get me started on people blaming someone for normal stuff that happens.  ‘I burned myself with this hot coffee I ordered, I’m gonna sue you’, ‘I fell and hurt myself while robbing your house, I’m gonna sue you’, and so on, as we’ve all seen in endless news stories.

Anyway, back to the party.  We had injuries, hurt feelings, sadness, tears, and that was just from me.  The girls were worse.  It started with an injury in the jump house.  One of the girls was wearing a butterfly shaped hair clip that had dagger sharp edges, she happened to get too close to another girl, and scratched the s**t out of her face.  To top it off, the injured girl’s mother hadn’t even left yet!  So I could just imagine what she was thinking.  ‘I’m entrusting my daughter with these people?!!’  I immediately took her inside, washed her cheek with warm soapy water, and applied some Neosporin to the cut.  I think I did my best to treat her as if she was my own daughter.  Actually, to be honest, I think I treated her better than I would have with my own daughter!  If it had been my child I probably would have spit cleaned the cut, told her to quit crying, and get back in the jump house.  But, I certainly couldn’t do that to this little girl.  Especially with her mother standing right there watching everything I was doing.

Next we had hurt feelings and tears.  During the Freeze Dance game it got down to the final two girls, my own Honey bunny & her friend from school M-, well they were both very good at freezing when the music stopped.  I tried fooling them with quick stops & starts.  Didn’t work.  So in the end, I had to call Honey bunny out with barely the slightest movement.  Oh, my lord, you’d think I just stabbed her right eye out.  She had a total melt down.  Despite all my efforts to help her understand that her friends all brought her gifts, she couldn’t give up the silly little $1 prize that M- won from the game.  It took almost 5 minutes for her to snap out of it.

The girls managed to settle down enough to eat some pizza but that was for only 10 minutes.  At this point, I looked at the clock and almost started crying.  It was only 6:15pm.  WTH were we going to do for the next 3 hours!?  I was already exhausted and it had only been 1 hr & 45 min.  We decided to have them play the Musical chairs game next.  This wasn’t an ordinary game of musical chairs.  During my web search for games; I came across this Advanced Musical Chairs.  The loser in each round has to draw a slip of paper out of a hat which contains the name of an animal that the person must act out while the other players guess which animal they are portraying.  Again, the two final players were so good that after two attempts we finally had to call a winner.  The loser was extremely unhappy about the result.  Come to think of it, I should have called it the other way.  The girl we called the winner had already won a previous game.  Well, not like I can do anything about it now.

Since this is becoming an incredibly long post, I’ve decided to split it into two, for your reading pleasure.  I know after a few paragraphs I start to lose interest or run out of reading time & figure you might be the same.  So check back tomorrow for more….

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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