Proof that I’ve lost my mind

If ever proof were need that I have completely lost my mind, then this is it.  I have agreed to let Honey bunny have a SLEEPOVER birthday party!  We’re talking about a bunch of 7-8 yr olds. running around my house screeching, jumping up and down, “singing” their favorite Hannah Montana songs, and whatever else 7-8 yr olds will do.  Frankly, I don’t remember what I did for my 8th birthday.  But it probably involved screeching, jumping, and “singing”.  I did put one limitation on this whole deal when I agreed to the sleepover.  She can only invite six friends.  Originally, when I said ‘yes’ to the sleepover she began rattling off names for every friend she now knows and every friend she has ever known.  I put the Kabosh on that idea immediately.  Now, her birthday is right before a big school vacation so I’m counting on a bunch of people being out of town.  This should knock the final guest count down a little, well I hope it will anyway. 

Of course, she is thrilled with the fact that she’s having a sleepover with pizza, popcorn, ice cream cake, and lots of fun activities but little does she know of the time, energy, and expense we’ve put into this little birthday party so far.  And why should she care?  She’s going to be 8 yrs old.  We don’t want her to be overly concerned about those things yet.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t teach her how to be responsible with money.  She has chores that she does in order to earn money.  If those chores aren’t done, then no money.  That’s the way the world works, why should it be any different in our household?  I’m not going to get up on the soap box about people that give their kids money without doing anything to earn it.  What kind of lesson does that teach the kids?  Well, I guess all we really need to do is look around to see so many people who expect to get money, things, or whatever when they’ve done absolutely nothing to earn it.  Let me make sure it’s clear that I’m not talking about people who have fallen on hard times or the like.  Opps, sorry, I said I wasn’t going to get up on a soap box.  But honestly, I can’t help it.  That sort of thing ticks me off.  Nothing comes for free and it is a great disservice to allow your children to think (based on what you teach them) that they can get stuff without working for it.

Ok, moving on, so I did a search for ideas on sleepover party games for kids and spent close to an hour reviewing a bit of the information found.  Trust me when I say that there are lots of sources available and I barely scratched the surface.  I was able to pull loads of great games that should help keep them occupied & entertained, at least for an hour anyway.  Here’s one that I got that I’m counting on to get a bit of their extra energy out; attach clothes pins to the back of each guest’s shirt and have the kids run around trying to take the clothes pins off.  Another good one, get a bag or two of the glow in the dark stars, hide them in the yard, and after the sun sets have the kids hunt for the stars a la egg hunting.  We don’t have a Karaoke machine but a friend does so I’m hoping to borrow it for the night.  That’ll be good for some laughs.  I’ll have to make sure that I don’t laugh out loud.  The kids take that sort of thing very seriously and it hurts their fragile little egos if you laugh at them while they’re “singing”.

So, I’ll keep you all up-to-date on this (hopefully not a fiasco) sleepover birthday party.  I’ve got some more planning to do… like ordering the cake, picking prizes, buying stuff.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),





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