A picture, just one *Bleeping* picture

Since it’s almost Christmas (again, so quickly I am shocked by the speed the year has flown by) that must mean it’s time for me to take the annual picture of the gremlins ~ a moniker we gave to our two daughters due in part to their propensity to cause grief & havoc.  You’d think this would be a fairly simple process.  Put clothes on, sit down by Christmas tree, smile, take photo.  NOPE, not quite that simple. 

It started out with a lovely melt down by Honey bunny when she couldn’t wear the dress of her choice.  Wait, let me back track, I was originally going to let her wear the new dress she got but changed my mind after I put Pumpkin in her pretty purple velvet dress, then we went to Honey bunny’s room and I saw that she had an almost perfect match.  I know, I know, matching matching, but I really like how the girls look when they are wearing coordinating outfits.  The dress that Honey bunny wanted to wear was black with a leopard fur collar.  This doesn’t AT ALL match with a purple velvet dress with cream colored trim.  So yes, you could say it was all my own fault to begin with! 

Anyway, I decided that she should wear the purple dress to match her sister ~just for the picture~ on Christmas day she could wear WHATEVER she wanted, but for the picture I just wanted them to match!  Could she say, “ok mom, no problem”.  Not. A. Chance.  She started crying immediately.  Then once the dress was on her person she began complaining that it itched, non-stop for the entire picture taking event.

The first picture shows Honey bunny with squinty red eyes (from the crying, of course) while Pumpkin is all smiles with hands folded nicely in her lap.  The 2nd & 3rd picture shows Honey bunny really trying to smile but looking completely miserable while doing it.  The picture taking was interspersed with whining about an itchy dress, irritation with her sister, and anger for not being allowed to wear the dress she wanted.  By the 4th picture I had had enough of the whining.  Yes, I finally let her go change into the other dress.  Well, she came back in a slightly better mood.  At least now her smiles would be almost based on genuine happiness. 

I decided to extend the torture, since I’m clearly a glutton for frustration, by going to our formal living room to take more pictures in front of our other Christmas tree.  In this room we have a small chair that sits right next to the tree.  I had the gremlins ~I mean, girls~ sit together on the chair with the tree as a back drop.  I managed to take four more pictures, none of which were any good due to various tantrums, fits, and / or fights.  It wasn’t until I basically shouted, “that’s it, I’m done!”, that I finally got a half decent picture.  Honey bunny begged me to take more pictures of her by herself.  I agreed.  Immediately she began hamming it up for the camera.  At one point, she decided to sit in the chair with her legs hanging over the side.  Pumpkin saw what was happening and gave up playing with the ornaments.  She walked up to the other side of the chair.  And that unposed photo was the best picture with both of them smiling and looking good!  Though it wasn’t perfect (or at least how I wanted it to look) it was still a cute photo.


OK, since I wasn’t real thrilled with the pictures I had of the girls, I talked myself into trying the photoshoot ONE MORE TIME.  Both girls had the option to wear whatever dress they desired but this time I put their hair up into ponytails.  Well, now, Pumpkin didn’t like this and decided that she was going to have the tantrum on this go round.  So Honey bunny was all cheerful and happy while Pumpkin cried her little eyes out!  I got about four pictures and then gave up in total and complete frustration.  Why did I even bother to waste my time??!!  I don’t know.  Apparently I just didn’t have enough other things to do that portion of the day.  HA!

Um, yeah, I guess I’ll just use that one picture of them, the one I should have just used in the first place, instead of wasting all that time trying again.  Now, mind you, it is Friday December 21st and Christmas is in 4 DAYS, I finally mailed out all the Christmas cards.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


P.S. Happy Holidays to you! 



One thought on “A picture, just one *Bleeping* picture

  1. We have a picture of our 2-year-old daughter that we call the “homeless” picture. She’s on a Sesame Street background, but it’s just the street/doorstep because she refused to have any stuffed Elmos or Big Birds by her. Ah, the joys of little kid picture day! Fun blog.

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