I’m still attempting to get caught up with these posts.  Though I feel as if I’m getting further and further behind!  So here is my current effort.  For the last 3yrs or so, the day after Thanksgiving has become my day to decorate.  I’m done fighting the crowds to get all the “great” deals. 

I have to derail for a moment, the people who are out there at 4am on black friday are CRAZY.  Are they that serious about finding a “great” deal?  Won’t that same “great” deal be there at say 8am?  Will those hours in between cause all “great” deals to disappear?  I just don’t get it.  Personally, I’d choose the extra sleep.  How much money could they really be saving by getting there that early??!!  Not to mention, in many cases, the stores are only offering a certain quantity at the “great” price and once the items are sold out, then the shoppers are out-of-luck.  No, thanks.  I do most of my shopping on the web now.  It’s just more convenient for me.  Sure I pay for the shipping on the orders but not always.  Lots of places offer free shipping!  Like us!  Check out our websites here and here for lots of great gifts with FREE shipping!  Honestly, it’s worth it to me to pay for the shipping and not have to be racing all over town searching for the perfect gift for my loved ones.  Geez, when you think about it, I’m probably saving money because I don’t have to pay for gas at over $3.45 per gallon. 

We used to have a tradition when I was younger that we’d all go to lunch at this special place (we = just girls; grandma, mom, sisters, aunts, cousins).  It was such a wonderful time and I have some fantastic memories of this.  Afterwords we would go straight over to the mall and shop.  But this wasn’t just any mall.  It was an open air, high-end shopping center.  So it was always decorated with beautiful lights, festive music, and all things Christmas.  Yes, it was inevitably swamped with shoppers but in a certain way that added to the overall effect.  It made it feel like Christmas.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your preference we don’t get snow here so therefore, no white Christmas.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program…. For the last few years I have elected to spend the day after Thanksgiving decorating the Christmas trees and our home.  The husband likes to give me a hard time about putting up the decorations before December 1st.  I always say, ‘Too Bad’!  I love decorating and I want to enjoy those decorations for as long as possible.  Which explains why I don’t take those decorations down until after New Year.  I just recently learned of a Japanese folk tale that basically says you shouldn’t have decorations up into the new year because it carries negative stuff forward.  Interesting….  I’ve been thinking I’ll remove all the decoratins on New Year’s Eve this time.  Perhaps it will keep the negativity we experienced in 2007 from creeping into 2008.  One can only hope.

Moving on, we have two Christmas trees (faux, just in case you were gonna get your hackles up about cutting down perfectly good trees just to throw them away in a month) and you can read more about us decorating them here.  I always take down many of our regular artwork or decorative pieces and replace them with Christmas decorations.  Having all these items up throughout the house really helps add to the holiday spirit.  We attempted to hang lights from the house last year but the electrical outlet was faulty.  Not to mention it was freezing cold & drizzily when we were undertaking this project.  We gave up.  This year we put up icicle lights on the gates in front of our house!  A first!  Last year we didn’t have gates, well at least they weren’t totally completed, only partially done.  So, after arguing with the husband about helping me hang the lights, whats the best method to hang the light, and whether we have enough lights, we finished.  Happily, the weather this time around was much more pleasant.  The sun was shining, though a bit chilly, and not a single cloud or rain drop in sight.  Certainly made for an easier time of it.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy the decorations and finish the Christmas cards, and finish shopping for gifts and begin wrapping the gifts!  Oh well, one thing at a time, right? 

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),



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