Shameless, shameless plug #2

OK, I’m doing it again. I am shamelessly plugging our newest website. I can’t help myself. It is just too awesome. The husband did all the work and I think it looks fantastic. So, you must go to this website!  Not only is it a good looking site, we have THE MOST beautiful handbags, purses, totes.  In so many styles & colors that you can find one for everyday of the week.  Not to mention that the leather is top quality and all the lining & stitching is top notch.  So these bags aren’t going to be coming apart at the seams, even if you are from all the holiday shopping!  Hey, speaking of that, we are offering free shipping!  Why not get one for yourself and one or two as a gift…. or one or two for yourself & one as a gift?  It’s ok to be generous with yourself, you know.      

Oh, and the toastiest comforters!  Now more than ever we need to be toasty.  It got into the 30’s last night for Pete’s sake.  I’m not sure what the weather is like where you live but that’s fairly cold for us.  But don’t despair we have lots available in stock.  Plus, the comforters are available in either winter fill or year round fill… so for those of you who sleep hot, you won’t be too hot!!  All the styles have elegant, simple designs in twin, full/queen, and king sizing usable in any bedroom. 

Check it out & you just might get some of that long, long, long list of Christmas shopping done.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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