Pretty much healthy

Pumpkin has been on antibiotics for 10 of the 10 days required for this prescription.  So whatever it was that was causing her to be that ill should be gone from her system.  See this post if your curious about how ill she was….  She hasn’t complained about any problems nor has she been coughing her little lungs out.  I did pick-up a humidifier (a Hello Kitty one if you must know ~yes, it is totally adorable!  Check out it here) so that might be helping to keep the coughing down.  Or most likely the antibiotics killed everything off in her system….  However it happened, I don’t really care how, I’m just glad that she is better now!

The teachers at her daycare told me yesterday that there are a bunch of kids out now with the same problem!  DAMN IT!  Don’t get my kid sick again!!!

Well I do have to say that I am supremely happy that she didn’t get sick this week.  I mean, I wish she didn’t get sick at all, of course, but since she did get sick, I’m just really really happy it was last week.  Cause we’re going to LAS VEGAS in a matter of hours people!  You can read that post here

OK, gotta dash.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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