We’re going to

We’re going to Las Vegas, we’re going to Las Vegas, nah nah nah nah!  If you saw my last post, then you now know why I selected that particular picture for Wordless Wednesday.

The clock is set to count down mode.  We are leaving in less than 24 hrs!!!  Whooooohoooo!!  We’re going to gamble (most of us), dance (some of us), eat (all of us ~I should think), drink (most of us), and just have an all around great time.  2 1/2 days of craziness!!!!

I am excited for this trip on many levels, as I’m sure you can imagine,

  1. time away from the gremlins (my in-laws are watching the kids),
  2. time away from work (well this is a work party but we’ll be in VEGAS so that doesn’t count),
  3. time away from home responsibilities (I won’t have to do dishes or make beds!!),
  4. and simply time away from the routine (no explaination needed)

Started packing last night & managed to get the suitcase closed but still have a ton of stuff that didn’t make it into the bag.  So I figure I’ll just slip a “few” things into the husband’s suitcase.  He’ll never know.  Yeah, right!  He makes a point of giving me grief over the suitcases every chance he can.  Oh, well, such is life.  Besides it is a woman’s prerogative to pack too many shoes or too much clothing in general.  My rule of thumb is I should have at least two clothing options per day.  Or I should be able to create two clothing options per day with the articles that I’ve packed.  So you can begin to picture how much would be necessary.  Yes, I said necessary.  As in need.  Must have. 

So this rule of thumb is what drives the husband insane.  This is a guy who was discussing with another guy (of course) how he will only be bringing a backpack with his clothes for the whole weekend!!!  But, when you stop to think about it, guys only need jeans & t-shirts.  And probably not ‘jeans’ but ‘jean’, cause they will wear the same pair on the flight over, the next day, and for the flight home. 

I digress….

I don’t think I can pick one thing about this trip that I am looking forward to most.  Gambling is much fun.  Plus it helps that I know how/like to play multiple games.  Video poker, Craps, Blackjack, Let it Ride, and Pai Gow.  This gives me choices.  If I’m not doing so hot on one type of game, then I’ll move on to another!  Dancing is a blast.  I LOVE to dance.  Sadly, I rarely get to go out dancing.  One of the many hazards of having children.  So to have this opportunity to dance for hours and hours and hours is a HUGE deal for me.  Eating & drinking.  This my friends is a double edge sword.  I do enjoy good food and drinks but loath the pounds that I pack on as a result of too much eating & drinking.  Ah, who cares!  We don’t get to do this all the time so I’m gonna live it up!!!

Ok, must finish packing….

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


 (**Writer’s addition: There is just one part of this whole trip that disappoints… it is all over much too quickly!  For about 6 months prior to this excursion we begin to anticipate the fun.  We begin discussing how much weight we need to lose, what clothes we’re gonna pack, which shoes to bring, what clubs we want to go to, how much fun we’re gonna have, etc, etc.  So what happens is we build up the experience for all that time for only a little over 48hrs.  IT’S NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!)


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