Fever, or see what happens when you get the flu shot

Today is Day 2 of staying home with Pumpkin.  She has been running a fever for about three days now.  At first her temp was low grade but in the last 2 days it has gotten progressively higher.  This morning it was up to 101.8 ~and that’s not a radio station~ time to break out the Motrin….  The husband thinks it’s because of the vaccination.   

It all started on Friday.  You see it was time for our annual flu vaccination.  As a good Mommy, I followed the pediatrician’s advice and scheduled Honey bunny & Pumpkin for their flu shots since both girls consistently end up with asthma problems in winter, plus its just generally a good idea given the fact that they are both in day care several days each week.  And we all know day care centers are a hot bed for colds, virus, the plague, etc. 

So on Friday afternoon we went to the pediatrician’s office to get the flu shots.  Honey bunny has NEVER been a fan of shots, any kind of shots or needles of any sort for that matter (she takes after the husband who has inherited this irrational fear from his father), so she begins the crying/whining/complaining jag that lasts until we reach the doctor’s check-in desk.  All the while I’m begging her to be brave and show no fear because Pumpkin is watching everything she does & says, and will then copy & repeat.  There truly is a reason they came up with the phrase ‘monkey see, monkey do’.

As it turned out Pumpkin didn’t cry at all, not even a little, when she got the shot.  Ooopps, forgot to tell you about what happened after we were taken to the exam room… the doctor came in to talk with me for a minute just to make sure that no one was sick prior to getting the flu shot and he asked Honey bunny if she would like to have the flu vaccine by nasal spray as opposed to injection.  Umm, yeah!!  She was so excited that she wouldn’t have to have a shot, it was the first time she smiled since I had picked her up from school & she found out where we were going.  So in a word, Yes!, please let her have the vaccine by spray.  Off he went to get the vaccines.  Minutes later he returns and says, “oh, I’m sorry we are all out of the spray vaccine, you’ll have to have the regular kind after all.” 


Yo, doc, next time, don’t promise my kid she won’t have to have a shot and then come back and say, JUST KIDDING!  You f***ing moron.

Moving on, we finished getting the shots and left to go get the treat I promised the girls they could get.

You know what, I’m going to skip all the rest of that cause at this rate it will take me till the next decade to finish.  Suffice it to say, Pumpkin has been running a temp and this morning began complaining about her throat hurting.  I reviewed the paper the doctor’s office gives out after vaccines and sure enough she had four out of seven flu symptoms.  Huh?  Was this coincidental or was this because of the vaccine?  I called the pediatrician and found out that the vaccine is a “killed” or inactivated vaccine.  So it was coincidental and she probably picked up something from that deadly day care center.  (B the W, if you haven’t picked up on my sarcasm related to day care & illness, then sorry, but I personally feel that Honey bunny is generally as healthy as she is now because she was exposed to many illnesses when she was little and developed immunities as a result.)

Anyway, I took Pumpkin to see the pediatrician this afternoon and her throat was red & irritated.  Her poor little body was trying to fight off something.  Let’s just help her system kick this thing.  So her doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.  Yes, I believe that antibiotics are good.  When. used. properly.  Not taken all the time and/or fed to farm animals that are lumped together in order to keep them healthy enough for slaughter.  Sorry, didn’t mean to go off on a tangent. 


Ok, it’s now after 8pm and we finally got Pumpkin to bed.  Her temp spiked up to 103.4 and it has taken us an hour and more Motrin to cool her down.  Man, it hate it when that happens.  It scares the crap out of me!  I immediately have visions of emergency rooms and tubes hooked up to my baby.  I knew I should have given her some Tylenol at 5pm then she probably would have been fine!  Or at least her temp would have stayed in the range of 100 to 101.  Cheese Louise, I’m beat.  It has been some day.  I’m gonna hit the sack so I can try to get some sleep before I have to check on her.  At oh, roughly, 2 or 3am.  God help me so that neither Honey bunny nor I get this thing…. 

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),




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