Hello, we’re the Yeller Family

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I swear to you that I am SO sick (and tired) of the constant yelling that goes down in my house.  Between:

  • Honey bunny yelling at Pumpkin,
  • Pumpkin yelling back at Honey bunny,
  • me yelling at both of them,
  • the husband yelling at them,
  • the husband & I yelling at each other,
  • Honey bunny yelling at me (the nerve),
  • and even Pumpkin yelling at me (who said she could do that?!),

we are quite the noisy household.  At least the dogs are outside now!  When they stayed in the house, they would have joined right in by barking their doggy heads off.

I never liked to yell before having children.  Unless it was at football or hockey or some other sporting event.  I still don’t really like to yell.  I just don’t like how it makes me feel.  Plus, I really enjoy the quiet.  Not always, I certainly do enjoy a good party, but in the morning I especially like quiet.  This is not at all possible when you have two young children.  At least not when you have rambunctious children.  If you are lucky enough to have the quiet, sleep until 9 or 10 am or whenever you wake them, introspective, ‘I just want to sit and read my book, mommy’ kind of child, then count your blessings.  I did not get that kind of child.  Not with my first or my second child, and I’m sure as hell NOT going to try for a third ~just to see if I could birth a quiet one.  Besides, if that happened the husband would be asking me some serious questions.

It seems to me now that the only form of communication that we know is yelling.  Maybe it has become a habit.  An extremely bad habit.  But sometimes it’s the only thing that will get the kids attention.  Well, actually now that I think about it, since yelling is like regular talking in our household, they don’t hear us when we are yelling either!  Perhaps the yelling is partly a result from being in this constant state of “house for sale”.  You can read more about that here.  There are 5 parts to the saga ~at this point~ with more to come, I’m sure…. 

Moving on…. I get so dang frustrated always trying to keep the house clean and in the morning it is especially difficult when Pumpkin wants to play with every toy, dvd, cup, bowl and/or piece of tupperware in the house.  Look, I know she has every right to play, she is a toddler!  She should play.  I don’t have a problem with that.  It’s when that playing is at cross purpose with my need to keep the house in order while trying to get myself, her and Honey bunny ready for the day.  That is when I feel myself starting to reach the limits of my patience and I yell, “Please don’t pull all that stuff out Pumpkin!  We have to get ready to go!  I don’t have time to put all that stuff away!”  The other day when I ‘said’ this to her, she turned around, looked me straight in the eye, pointed her itty bitty finger at me, and ‘said’, “You stop yelling at me”.  Then she turned and ran away.  Oooohhh, did I just get TOLD!  It made me feel very very bad and also immensely depressed.  Is this what we are coming to?  Will my children look back on their youth and only remember Mommy & Daddy yelling at them?  Or that they always yelled at each other and could never get along as sisters?  I realized that we all greatly needed to work on NOT yelling any more.

Later that same day when we were home from work and school, I sat the girls down and told them that I would do my best not to yell at them anymore.  I asked them if they would try not to yell at each other and we would ask Daddy if he try not to yell either.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  This promise lasted all of 5 minutes.  The girls were immediately yelling the usual things: she’s hitting me, she kicked me, don’t play with that ~ it’s mine, mommy she took my toy, I want to watch the other movie, and it goes on ad nauseum.

So, we are officially the Yeller family now.  Perhaps on another day, when my patience has been restored, I will attempt to resuscitate the “let’s not yell at each other anymore” speech.  But for the time being, I’ll go hide in another room until the yelling subsides.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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