Sorry kid, we’re movin’ ya

My pour Honey bunny.  She was so excited to start 2nd grade.  She actually got the teacher she wanted and everything.  You can read more about it in this post.  But two weeks ago the school sent home a letter telling parents that many of the classes had too many students.  Unfortunately, her class was one of them.  So the following week (as per the letter) she would be changing classroom/teacher.  Let me just say that she was EXTREMELY upset about this situation.  And frankly the husband and I were none too happy about it, either! 

Let me back track just a bit… the school waited over one month after classes had resumed to make the changes.  ONE MONTH!  I mean c’mon!  Sorry kids, we know you’re all settled into your new class & have made new friends & established routines with your teacher but we have to move you into an entirely new class with different students and a new teacher who has completely different routines, style, and lesson plan.  On top of all this, she is NOW in a 1st grade/2nd grade combination class.  WTF?  What does that mean?  Is she behind the other 2nd graders?  Should we be scheduling her for after school help from Kuman or Sylvan or some such place??!!    

Well, after speaking with her first 2nd grade teacher, her second 2nd grade teacher, and several other admin peeps, our fears were assuaged.  She doesn’t need to get any extra help, at least not at this point.  Apparently they selected students for the switch that were:

  • at the higher end of their grade level
  • self-motivated
  • could easily adjust
  • focused
  • able to work on their own without constant supervision from the teacher

So the only thing left to get over was Honey bunny’s disappointment in switching.  And as we know, children a quite resilient.  She has settled into the new class with a minimum of fuss.  The first couple of days of the switch were a little bit rough since she was upset about leaving friends and the teacher she liked – but now she is happy.  No more morning dramatics about being in the new class.  And it’s not as if she had to switch SCHOOLS, we’re just talking about CLASSROOMS

I finally met the teacher today.  See the husband drops her off every morning for school and I pick her up a couple days per week from school (she goes to after school care the other days~ I know, bad bad mommy that I can’t watch my own children but we have a business to run & it’s not always conducive to children running about).  Moving on… the teacher seemed nice and as usual complemented my child.  That’s not to say that everyone complements me on my child, I just mean that I think most teachers will tell you how wonderful your child is, even if they are a bit troublesome.  I’m fairly sure it’s a diplomatic skill that they develop after YEARS of teaching.

The one semi-minor detail that we’ve noticed so far is that this new teacher gives A LOT LESS homework than her previous teacher.  I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that she’s teaching a 1st/2nd grade combo class or if she just prefers to give them less.  Honestly, I would rather Honey bunny have MORE not LESS homework.  She finished the whole weeks worth of homework in ONE DAY!  I’d say that is not enough to challenge her.  I tried to get Honey bunny to do a few things that her previous teacher had her do but when I gave it to her she actually said, “Nah uh, my teacher didn’t say I had to do that!”  Could you hear the attitude dripping from that statement?  So when I told her again to do it she went off into a total fit about doing the extra work.  I chose to drop it rather than do battle, this time, next time she won’t be so lucky.

IF, by next week, the teacher doesn’t give out more homework, then I’m gonna make a stink.  I do not want my child getting behind because she is in a class with 1st graders & her teacher is teaching to the lower group.  Who knows… we’ll see… I’ll keep ya posted.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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