We interrupt this regularly scheduled program

to tell you that I saw JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in concert SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!  Talk about an incredible performer!  Besides being the sexiest guy ever, he can sing and dance too!  I seriously did not want the show to end, EVER.  We had VIP LOUNGE tickets (you can read more about that here) so we were practically on stage with JT.  Here are a couple of my most favorite pictures from the show:

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and this one:

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but most especially this one!!!

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Aaahhhhh, he is just too cute!  C’mon you agree with me, I know you do!  Anyhoozlebee, he put on a great show.  He actually started the show with an apology for cancelling the original show date.  He said that he did a little too much partyin’ in Vegas (as I suspected) and he said that his voice sounded like Barry White when he sang, so he postponed the show to do a bit of recovering.  Then he told me that he would make it up to me.  I assumed that meant he would be taking me back stage after the show, but sadly (for me) what it actually meant was that he would deliver the best damn concert possible for the whole audience ~not just me, boohoo.  AND IT WAS!  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you a song by song account of the show because we had a bit of the bubbly in the limo on the way.  Plus a few drinks at the show ~ we had our own bar since we were on the floor, you remember, right at the stage!  I can’t get enough of saying that!  We were right there!!!!  In fact, W got to grab his leg.  I know, now we sound like crazy stalker fans, but it’s what you do at a concert when you are that close to the performers.

Here he is dancing his ass off right in front of us:
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Sorry it’s blurry but he’s dancing & I was hurrying to take the picture before he ran off to another part of the stage.

I could go on and on about how terrific the concert was but then I’ll start drooling from thinking about his voice, his body, his amazing dancing skills ~DAMN IT, now I’m drooling again!  Hold on while I wipe the saliva from my face….  Ok, that’s better.  Well, even though the show is long over, I will always have my memories.  At least until I get another few years older and then even that memory will have faded.  Crap, why didn’t someone tell me to bring a video recorder?!!  Perhaps, if I wasn’t tossed out on my ear, I would have that to watch and remember….

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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