Can you hear the chorus of Angels?

You can hear them, right?  Singing Hallelujah!  It has to be a miracle.  A miracle, I say!  Pumpkin actually slept until after 7:00am PST today!  Whoohoo, whoohoo!  I’m dancing a jig because I managed to get a great night’s sleep.  I finally had to go in her room to wake her so we could get ready for the day.  Her sleeping this late ultimately threw off the entire morning schedule, but I’ll get into that later….  Ordinarily I’ll hear her “dulcet” voice singing out my name about 5:30ish, “mommy, mama, I want my mama, I want my des-a-way (this is how she says my name~and generally I think it’s adorable when she tries to say my name but not at 5:30ish in the morning~, mommy, whay-er is my mama”.  Because of this I never have to use an alarm clock.  She is my 5:30am wake-up call.  

This morning, however, her little body just needed more sleep, apparently.  Either that or since it was so friggin cold in our house she wanted to stay under her snuggly blanket.  I know I wanted to stay under my snuggly blankets but the husband’s alarm clock woke me at 6:20am.  Whoops, maybe I should start setting an alarm clock just in case Pumpkin decides to sleep until after 7:00am! 

So the morning now goes like this:

  • Hurry into and out of the shower
  • hurry to get dressed – oh yeah, realize I didn’t set out any clothes last night so lose 10 min trying to figure out what to wear
  • hurry to help Honey bunny with breakfast
  • hurry to do my make-up
  • wake-up Pumpkin – lose another 10 min arguing about what she is going to wear 
  • hurry to do Honey bunny’s hair before she leaves for school
  • hurry to make Pumpkin’s breakfast – lose 20 min having to clean-up the chocolate drink she spills all over the table, WHITE/GREEN striped chair pad, rug, and herself for the SECOND day in a row.  (btw I have now officially learned my lesson, she will not ever get chocolate drink in a regular cup with a straw again until she turns 15 yrs old!  The third time really is the charm.)
  • hurry to change Pumpkin’s clothes – lose another 10 min arguing about what clothes she is NOW going to wear
  • hurry to blow-dry & curl my hair
  • hurry to fix Pumpkin’s hair – lose another 10 min battling about which hair clip she gets to use
  • struggle to get her shoes on so we can FINALLY leave the house

By this point, I’m not really all that happy about her sleeping in.  I do love my beauty rest but perhaps this was just too much extra time.  Maybe if she gets up at 6:00am that will be ok.  Or maybe if I just set my own alarm clock & get my own ass out of bed on time, then we won’t be quite so late.  Maybe it was just one little thing after another that set the whole morning on it’s ear.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day. 

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),




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