Children are not collector toys

I realized that I could write many, many, many blogs about all the negative things that can /do happen to children while just living their lives.  And in fact, I have already written many such blogs.  My 2yr old has had more than her share of accidents.  But here is something that I was thinking about the other day as I was driving back from the pediatrician’s office (from yet ANOTHER incident); children are not collector toys that should remain strapped down in the box & wrapped in the original plastic!  They are meant to live and experience everything ~ good and bad. 

OK here’s the whole story.  I was at work on Friday.  One of the girls was out of the office for the day, so I was covering some of her tasks in addition to doing my regular everyday work.  A call comes in from the day care center where we have our 2yr old.  The husband took the call and I hear him say, “ok, I’ll have my wife come pick her up”.  Anytime those words are spoken, fear strikes!  Immediately I begin wondering what happened and how bad is it?!!  Well, in this case, she put a rock up her nose.  Way, way up her nose.  The teachers didn’t even want to risk getting it out.  I call her pediatrician’s office to let them know that I will probably be bringing her in….  So off I go to her school (oh yeah, I borrowed tweezers to see if I could get it out myself first).  When I get there, she is pretty mellow, all things considered.  Straight away I try getting the “rock” out of her nose.  I say “rock” because I’m beginning to question if it is one.  After a few minutes attempting to get it out, I have no luck and she is really starting to get upset.  Let’s go to the doctors! 

We arrive at the pediatrician’s office.  We have to wait, of course.  She is doing fine, no crying and very little complaining.  Finally, it’s our turn to be seen.  They do the usual check up stuff, “please have her get on the scale & lets take her temperature”.  I’m laughing as they are doing this because I just had to bring her in three days before due to an extremely high fever (it turned out to be some kind of virus and at that point it had already been going on for 48hrs so she was almost better anyway).  I swear to you that I’m not a hypochondriac mom! 

The doctor *eventually* comes in to see us.  He asks the 2yr old, “how come you put something up your nose?”  he continues, “your sister never did anything like this”.  Well doc, actually her sister did do something like this, you just happened to be unavailable on that day.  (Side note: I know that you didn’t ask but I’ll tell you anyway, our 7yr old ~when she was about 3yrs old~ put a plastic bb in her ear!)  Moving on, the doctor gets this tool out that looks exactly like a pair of scissors, only with  short curved blades, and proceeds to scrape the “rock” out of her nose.  She bleed.  But luckily only for a minute.  She cried.  But, again, luckily for only a minute.  Oh, and the “rock” was really a bead that she had found at school. 

My brave little girl got a lollipop for her troubles (and one for her sister, because she’s thoughtful like that).

Well, the next day at school all the kids sat down for story time and got a little lecture from the teachers about not putting things into noses, ears, mouths, or any other orifice!  I guess I have one of those children that is a ‘poster child’ for what NOT to do. 

Anyway, back to my thought about children being strapped & wrapped like collector toys, as much as we want to keep them from harm, what good does that do them if they are unable to experience life?!  And, I believe there’s a saying that goes something like this, ‘what doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger’?  We grow emotionally, physically, or mentally stronger by the things that we do or the things that happen to us.  Isn’t that what living is about? 

Thanks for listening (or reading of you must be technical),


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