The first day of school

Is it just me or did the summer come and go faster than the latest fad?  Our 7yr old is starting school tomorrow.  Frankly, it was just yesterday that I wrote this blog.  I can hardly believe that she will be a big 2nd grader!  Her school posted teacher/classroom assignments on Friday night, so we went there to see which teacher she would have this year.  Oh, yeah, and to find out which of her friends would be in her class again.

She has been telling us for weeks now that she really, really, really wants to have Ms. Gillani as her teacher.  I’ve been trying to gently explain that we don’t always get what we want.  More often than not, WE don’t get what we want or things don’t workout the way that WE want.  This isn’t always a bad deal.  When situations turn out differently than we expect ~ it’s sometimes for the better.  Blahbity, blah, blah… I’m positive she tuned me out for this speech just like every other. 

Well, as it was meant to be, she got Ms. Gillani.  And she (our 7yr old not Ms. Gillani ~ but for all I know she might be too) is ecstatic!!  We found out from another parent that the teachers do have a choice in which children are in their class.  So it is entirely possible that this teacher already knows how brilliant our child is.  There were about three kids from her 1st grade class that will also be in her class this year but a couple of her BFFs are in other classes.  Plus, one of the kids that she always got into arguments with, is in her class again.  OH GOODIE.  This is a lesson for her.  Learn to deal with those people because there will be others throughout your whole life that you may not like but are forced to live with (e.g. roommates or siblings), work with, go to school with, etc. 

So here we go… another school year starts.  I don’t think I’m ready.  Now we’ll have homework to do, studying, and extra reading in addition to all our other activities.  I know that kind of sounds like I’m doing the homework but I’m not.  Let me clarify, I do have to practically stand over her to keep her focused on the assignments.  Please don’t lecture me on this.  I know that she is not the only kid that would rather be playing than doing homework.  And I’m sure that I’m not alone in hovering.  Eventually she will have to do it without me standing watch.  But for now it’s a requirement.  I will continue to wean her from the supervision so that she will become responsible for doing her homework under her own supervision ~HAHAHAHA, we’ll see.

Anyway, wish us luck.  Hopefully they don’t get into math problems that the husband & I can’t figure out.  That will probably be next year….

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),



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